Monday, April 23, 2007

ROMA Snapshot Contest '07

This contest will run until May 1, 2007. Until then, wander around ROMA and find your favorite spot to take a snapshot. Stage a snapshot with friends. Show the world how you experience ROMA.

There are 3 categories for the contest:

= Best Avatar Portrait or Self-Portrait
= Best Shot of a ROMA Landmark
= Best Illustration of Roman History and/or Culture

Each category will have 3 winners. The prizes are:

= First Prize: 1,000 L$ in each category
= Second Prize: 500 L$ in each category
= Third Prize: 250 L$ in each category

The contest will be judged by the Prefect, and the three officers of the Collegia and the Senate (Torin, Angelia, Morgana, Amalthea, JT, Mickey, Nicolo).

All entries will be displayed in a special exhibit in the Capitoline Museum in ROMA. The winners will also be added to the ROMA Flickr page and blog.

To enter the contest, read the rules below.

The maximum time each person can enter the contest is once per category. You do not need to provide a snapshot for each category, but can only enter one snapshot per category.

Snapshots must be taken in the ROMA sim or a piece of public land in the ROMA Subura sim (private rental plots are not eligible as settings).

If any of the judges enter a snapshot in a category, they are inelligible to judge that category.

Modifying the image, such as in Photoshop or some other editing software program, is allowed.

Next to the Bakery in ROMA three jars have been set up in a stall, one for each category. Title your snapshot whatever you wish, but make sure it is full permissions (mod/copy/transfer). Put your entry into the corresponding category jar. The person labeled as "Creator" of the snapshot on the Properties window will be the entrant.

Winners will be announced soon after 1 May.

All entries may also be placed in a photo album whose sale will be used for ROMA sim upkeep. Entrants may opt out of this album if they wish by sending a note to Torin Golding before 1 May.

The contest is open to everyone, though you may want to make sure you are a member of the ROMA Citizens group to receive the notice about who has won.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

April Festivals A Success!

The April festivals are over now. Many thanks to all who participated and helped us ring in spring in ROMA. And many great thanks to the members of the Collegia who helped organize, decorate, and run the festival events!

Pictures of all three days' events can be found on our Flickr page: the Vernalia here, the Floralia here, and the final Masquerade Ball here.

Monday, April 16, 2007

New Volcano Erupts in ROMA

In the early hours of this morning a large volcano appeared at the eastern end of the Gardens of Maecenas. It continues to erupt, sending out a massive cloud of fire and ash every 15 minutes.

Priests of ROMA immediately erected a small altar to Vulcan nearby. The god seems to have been placated and no further damage to ROMA is expected. In fact, by honoring the god at the altar, he rewards the supplicant with a pyroclastic lightshow (best seen at night).

The Prefect ordered the erection of a containment pool for the spewing lava. It now serves as a handy place to obtain your own ROMA lava lamp for your house.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Tiny Legion Sighted Over ROMA

There have been recent reports that Legion i/ii has found a way to launch special airbore attacks against their opponents. The photographic evidence can be found here on our Flickr page.

Keep watching the skies!

April Festivals in ROMA

Here is the schedule for the April festivals in ROMA:

Sunday April 15th, 12pm SLT (noon)
Veneralia rite and discussion & poetry
(Caligula's Pleasure Palace & Baths of Caracalla)

Monday April 16th , 1pm SLT
Floralia rite and picnic & poetry
(Gardens of Maecenas)

Tuesday April 17th, 3pm - 10pm SL
Venus & Flora Masquerade Ball
(Gardens of Maecenas)