Monday, November 24, 2008

New ROMA Attraction: The Missing Egyptian Game

Big news in ROMA!

A new interactive game has been built by the Prefect. It is called the "Mystery of the Missing Egyptian" and will allow you to access never-before accessible tunnels of the Cloaca Maxima.

The game was designed primarily to help new visitors and Citizens learn about ROMA, including the various groups and events in the estate. But anyone can play (and there are 3 different possible outcomes).

To play the game, find the new room attached to the Customs House (Please note that the traffic pattern through the Customs House has been changed slightly). Inside this new room you will find Pakoumis, the Head Librarian of the Library of Alexandria in ROMA. Click him and pay attention to his words to begin the game.

There are over 20 new freebies available inside the game for players to collect too!

(Group Officers: If you have any free items that you would like to be made available in the 'Citizen-Run Group' portion of the game, please drop them on Torin and he will happily add them.)