Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Latest ROMA Videos (Updated)

On a whim, I typed "ROMA Second Life" into the YouTube search engine and came up with two great videos made my Citizens I formerly had no idea about. The first is by a YouTube user called brotofwar (SL name unknown):

Update: brotofwar has declared himself! It is legionary Franck Gazov!

The second is by citizen Ryann Taov:

See these blog entries for other videos by ROMA Flaminia Amalthea McMahon and by Rik Riel.
A new attraction has opened in ROMA.

A potter has set up a workshop under the colonnade of the Baths of Caracalla, right by the Pompeii Tavern. While he sets up his wares, you can take a turn at his potter’s wheel. If you work long enough, you can make your own vase.

There are 12 designs available, including rare special painted Corinthian ware. Come and get your hands stuck into the wet clay!

The Cracked Potsherd Pottery Workshop SLurl

Monday, August 27, 2007

ROMA Videos Gadget

The Theater of Dionysus now has an interactive video gadget. Come to the theater, have a seat, and touch the gadget. You'll be able to choose from a range of ancient Roman themed short videos. A few may take a couple minutes to load (if they're not automatic streaming videos).

If anyone has a URL of a video we could include, drop it on a notecard and drop it on Torin.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Circus Maximus Redux

The ROMA Circus Maximus has gotten a much needed makeover!

The scripted gadget that makes the chariots race and counts the laps is now much more easier to use (and should be easier on sim resources). Everything now, including the rezzing of the chariots, is controlled via an integrated menu system.

New Features:
Horses! I've tweaked Nomasha Syaka's freebie sculptie horse to allow Citizens to race horses around the track, as well as chariots. In the future, other 'vehicles' may find their way onto the Hippodrome racetrack.

The ROMA Race Broadcaster! Given the expanse of the Circus Maximus, it's impossible for spectators to hear all of the developments 'spoken' by the racing gadget (who is racing, who is through the gate, who has won, etc). So pick up your free copy of the ROMA Race Broadcaster. It is a HUD gadget that will inform you of all the race developments as long as you are in the ROMA sim. So attach it, sit back on the grassy slopes of the Hippodrome, and realx at the races.

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Friday, August 24, 2007

ROMA Listed

ROMA was approached by the members of the Second Life Parks and Recreation Service (SLPRS) for inclusion on their list. You can find our new entry on the SLPRS website: http://www.gabrielguyer.com/ slparksandrec/

You can find the ROMA listing by doing a search by region. A SLPRS kiosk can now be found in the sim.

I ♥ Sculpties

Citizens may have noticed that many of the one prim sculptures around ROMA have been updated with sculpted prim sculptures. This began with the Colossus in the Harbor. To date, the statue of Jupiter in the Forum temple, the Trajan above his column, the theater Dionysus, and the biga atop the Arch of Titus have all been replaced with prim versions. Additionally, prim statues of horses have been put atop the Hippodrome entrance, a prim Apollo and a prim Diana mark the hours on the plaza sundial, and many Linden trees in the Gardens have been replaced with prettier sculpted prim trees.

There will be more sculptie improvements coming to ROMA in the future, as prim limits allow.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Menander Gets Primmage

The Insula of the Menander is the apartment community in ROMA Subura. It is where for $1US a week you can rent a fully furnished space in the sim. It is a way to join the Subura community if there are otherwise no open full plots.

Now that rental fee includes the right to rez 10 prims within your room! This means you can include an entertainment system, poseballs, or pictures of your friends on the wall.

To get your own room (conclave), come to the Menander structure in the northwest corner of the sim and touch the rental prims inside the Insula lobby to get a copy of the rental rules. Make sure to read these before renting!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Soliciting Feedback on Roleplay Gadget

We're just about to take the Roleplay gadget off of its BETA release and replace it with a full version. Before we do that, we would like to solicit comments and suggestions from users of the gadget. If you'd had a chance to play with the gadget, post some comments and suggestions to this thread.

WHAT THE GADGET IS: A way to meet people in ROMA and roleplay by accomplishing various random tasks the gadget broadcasts about 2-3 times an hour. You wear the gadget, and you hear when a task is broadcast. Proceed to where the task is, where you should meet others also interesting in doing the task. You can then roleplay to your heart's content.

More info about the gadget here at this blog post: http://romacitizens.blogspot.com/2007/06/new-roma-roleplay-gadget-goes-beta.html

There is also still time to get your own BETA version of the gadget and play with it. (Note that when the full version goes live, the BETA versions will no longer function in ROMA).

Deadline for comments is 24 Aug 2007

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Vinalia, Vulcanalia, Nemoralia = Trifecta

Saturday ROMA hosted a triple play of Festivals.

First up was the Vinalia, dedicated to the wine harvest. Attendees helped stomp grapes for the upcoming vintage and then enjoyed a picnic in the Garden of Maecenas near the ROMA Vinyard. Flickr images here.

In the afternoon, Vulcan was honored with a special ritual before his altar near the volcano that is active at the western end of the Garden. Vulcan responded favorably to the ritual with a massive volcanic eruption. Then came the dancing on the edge of the volcano with some festival-goers lounging around special campfires. Flickr images here.

Finally that evening it was time for the Nemoralia Festival, in honor of Diana. Starting with a torchlight procession from the ROMA fountain plaza, the torch bearers were lead by the Collegia priestesses to the pond in the Gardens for a ritual followed by dancing. Senator Mickey James then ran a fun Roman Trivia Contest for the revellers. Flickr images here.

Another successful month of festivals in ROMA!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Return of the Prefect

On the Ides of August, the Prefect of ROMA, Torin Golding, made his return to the sim after an extended time away. A great party was thrown in his honor by Maali Beck on her plot in the Subura. There was much dancing and merrymaking (and manspanking).

The Prefect would like to extend his eternal thanks to Chief Vestal Angelia Rees, and everyone else who kept ROMA afloat while he was gone for the summer! There are big plans for ROMA in the fall- stay tuned to the blog!