Monday, September 17, 2007

Groundbreaker Maali

This past weekend, ROMA inducted its first female senator. Maali Beck became the latest member of that august body.

She was inducted by the Emperor in the ROMA throne room. A full senate meeting followed in the Curia. The Praetorian Imperial Guard provided security for both events.

More pictures from the event can be found here.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ludi Romani

Today was the festival of the Ludi Romani. The festival began with a ritual for Jupiter in his temple up on the Capitoline Hill. The King of the Gods showed his favor by giving all those in attendance a special item.

Afterwards, everyone went to the Circus Maximus to watch the chariot races. Franck Gazov of the Legion and the Praetorians came in first place and took home the purse. Achille Back came in second.

You can find photos of the festival here in our Flickr page.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Getae Bid Farewell to their Chieftan

Recently, members of the Getae tribe held a funeral for their old chieftan who disappeared back in June. The ritual was held at the Getae camp in Storm Cove.

Afterwards, a coronation party was held at the Getae Embassy in ROMA Subura to celebrate the new Getae cheiftan Milamber Dagger.

A few more pictures from the funeral and party can be found here on our ROMA Citizens Flickr page.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

ROMA Plastico

The lobby of the Capitoline Museum up in the Forum now holds a scale model of both ROMA and ROMA Subura. It uses the awesome technology of Anjin & Elzbiet Meili's sculptie mapper to create a realistic representation of the landscape of the two sims.

To see the plastico model, go to the lobby of the Capitoline Museum and press the special rezzing button.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Ave Tibullus!

Lucretia's brother Tibullus now has a job in ROMA as well. He is the new Imperial Newsreader. It is his job to stand at the top of the Harbor stairs in ROMA and provide visitors and Citizens with the latest ROMA news and information.

The news and information will rotate regularly, so check in with Tibullus each time you come to the sim.

Like his sister Lucretia, Tibullus is quite active. Rumor has it that apart from his news stories, Tibullus keeps a list of his favorite games. If he's in the mood, he might play one with you (standing around in the Harbor can get boring after all).

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Torin's Rez-Day!

Today, Sept 9 is Torin's rez-day. He is two years old. Two years ago today I stumbled into SL. Within a day or two I had my first land and had made my first Roman themed house. Yes, I was hooked from the beginning.

Many thanks to all who have made the last two years great fun!


Saturday, September 8, 2007

Full of Flickr

Several new categories have been added to the ROMA Citizens Flickr page, including separate sets for individual ROMA Citizens that have provided photos. If you have donated pictures and your name is not there, let Torin know (he made this list purely from memory, and we all know how that is!).

If you would like to see all the various collections of ROMA Citizens photos, you can go here.

A list of all of the sets can be found here.

If you have jpg images you would like to donate to our growing collection, you can email them to romacitizens [at] yahoo [dot] com. Please make sure to include your SL name so we can attribute them.

If you have your own Flickr album, send the link to the above address or to Torin and he'll provide a link.

(Please remember that all of the images are still the property of their original creators so no copying or hotlinking. Many thanks!)

Friday, September 7, 2007

Ave Lucretia!

There is a new landlady in ROMA!

Stop by the Pompeii Tavern and introduce yourself to Lucretia. She is there to serve you a range of delicious food and beverages for your enjoyment.

Lucretia is a "living statue". I built her to operate with random movement, as well as special scripted movements as each person orders. Just click on her to start the show, or just watch her as she goes through her random motions. She will be updated with more movements and sayings in the coming weeks.

Also, all refreshments in the Pompeii Tavern are now completely free. So stop by and see what Lucretia can get for you.

(She gets really happy when you tip her too- giving you one of four different special messages for generous Citizens.)

Thursday, September 6, 2007

New Group: ROMA Entertainers

Announcing a New ROMA Group!

Are you a musician, dancer, storyteller, or actor? Would you like to take part in regular ROMA events like live music performances, social events, story nights, and dramatic recitals? Then consider signing up to the new ROMA Entertainers group.

Creative people are wanted to help entertain ROMA citizens during special events. This group will also give you the opportunity to share your creativity with others. Your skills do not have to be limited to the ancient Roman world (for example, all kinds of musicians are welcome).

Are you a good organizer? We’re also looking for ‘Editors’ to help organize events in locales around ROMA and the Subura with members of the ROMA Entertainers group.

To sign up, join the group and drop a notecard on Torin telling him what role(s) you would like to have in the group: musician, dancer, storyteller or actor/actress. You can join as many roles as you like. More roles may be added in the future.

Once we get a pool of entertainers, we'll be inviting you to take part in ROMA events (and even organize some of your own).


Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Roman Reenactments in SL and RL

Last month there were Roman reenactments in both SL and RL involving ROMA Citizens.

In SL, Legion XIII and Legio members, including the Amazons, recreated a Roman fort in the Paris 1900 sim. It welcomed visitors who learned the structure of ancient roman forts and the kinds of activities that went on within them. Franck Gazov donated some pictures of the event to our Flickr site which can be found here. Citizen Melanippe of Themiscyra also has some images posted on her Flickr page as well.

Augusta Raurica was a roman settlement in Switzerland founded in the first century BCE. Today it houses a very nice archaeological park that annually holds a Roman reenactment fair (R├Âmerfest). This summer, RL members of the Legion and Legio put on their best togas and armor and joined in. You can find some pictures of our very photogenic citizens here. (Permission given to post these RL images)