Thursday, July 22, 2010

July Festivals Schedule

Saturday 24th July:

10am - Ludi Apollinares Ritual + Play (The Founding of Rome - A Tale of Romulus and Remus)
Our festivals this month begin with the celebration of Ludi Apollinares - honouring the God Apollo. Since part of the traditional Ludi were plays and other theatrical productions, our ritual to honour Apollo will be immediately followed by a play by our very own Zelda Walpole! The play tells the story of Rome's great founders, Romulus and Remus - it's a thrilling tale you won't want to miss!
Location: Theater of Dionysus, ROMA Sim

1pm - Ludi Chariot Races
As Apollo races His sun chariot across across the sky, so our Agitatores will race their chariots in the Hippodrome! Come spend an exciting day at the races, and maybe even get to race yourself!
Location: Hippodrome, ROMA sim

3pm - Apollo's Poetry Contest
As a patron of the Arts, Apollo is also the God of Poetry - and to honour Him, we will be having a poetry contest! Each contestant will read a work of his/her own composition and you will get to vote for your favourite! There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners, and we will all have a cool and relaxing day of poetry in the gardens!
Location: The Gardens of Maecenas, ROMA sim

Sunday 25th July:

10am Neptunalia Ritual
Our second day of festivals kicks off the Neptunalia, the festival in honour of the great God Neptune. We will be holding a ritual to honour Him in His temple in Maritima and all are welcome to attend!
Location: Neptune Temple, ROMA Maritima sim

10:30am til 3pm - Binchester Day (Various Events and Locations)
A special series of events to celebrate the opening of ROMA's newest sims: ROMA Vinovium and ROMA Vicus! Since these events will be somewhat fluid, please keep an eye on the notices from the ROMA Citizens group to let you know when each event is about to start. Come join us in this most distant outpost of the ROMA "empire"!

10:30 - Guided Tour of Binchester Roman Fort
Builder and Prefect Torin Golding will take interested citizens around on a guided tour of the new ROMA Vinovium sim, which is a recreation of the fort currently being excavated by a team from Stanford University and Durham University. He will explain how the build fits in with the archaeology being done on the site, and why the project is using Second Life to reconstruct this Roman ruin.
Location: Binchester Roman Fort, ROMA Vinovium sim

11:30 - Talk with the Archaeologists of the Binchester Fort Project
Archaeologists from the project that is currently in the field will be present in avatar form to chat with Citizens about the project and what they have found this season, and how their work can communicate with Second Life. It will be held inside the reconstructed Headquarters Building of the Binchester fort.
Location: Headquarters Building, ROMA Vinovium sim

1:00- Binchester Dance Party Social
Come relax and celebrate the new sims with a spot of dancing.
Location: Binchester Fort, ROMA Vinovium sim

4pm - The Sun and Sea Grand Feast
Our final festival event of the weekend, the Sun and Sea Grand Feast! Come join us for music, dancing, and camaraderie as we bid farewell to the Gods Apollo and Neptune and conclude another wonderful festival!
Location: Field of Mars, ROMA Transtiberim sim