Friday, September 21, 2012

ROMA Ludi Romani Festival '12

Saturday, 22nd September

10am - Ludi Romani Ritual for Jupiter Optimus Maximus
A ritual to honour the King of the Gods, Jupiter Optimus Maximus, followed by a light social gathering with dancing and feasting. Come join us in celebrating the beginning of the Ludi Romani!
Location: Jupiter Temple, ROMA sim

11am - Jupiter's Surprise
Join the fun for this tricky obstacle course.  Test your skills and ability to adapt at a moment's notice!
Location: ROMA Transtiberim sim

1pm - Ludi Romani Chariot Races
The Ludi Romani were a time for athletics, games, and sport, and a traditional part of the ancient Ludi Romani were chariot races - and for our celebration, we have our own! Come race against other Citizens for prizes (anyone can sign up to race), or come watch the spectacle and cheer on the racers as you drink wine and nibble Rich Imperialist Tidbits. There will be 3 races of 5 laps each, and 1st place in each race wins a $L1000 prize purse!
Location: Circus Maximus, ROMA sim


Sunday, 23rd September

10am - Ludi Romani Fishing Contest
Come try your luck in the Ludi Romani Fishing Contest - using the 7Seas
Fishing system. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will get a cash prize, and there will be a chance to catch some ROMA-exclusive custom fish!
Location: ROMA Transtiberim sim

11am - Ludi Romani Grand Feast

The centrepiece event of the Ludi Romani is the Grand Feast - this year to be held on ROMA's Forum! There will be dancing, feasting, good company, and live music by the amazing Sassy Nitely (see attached bio) - as well as a ROMA's Favourite Senator Contest. The Senators will come in costume and you may vote in your favourite. The winning Senator will recieve a trophy and a poster up in the Curia declaring them to be the most popular Senator in ROMA - a new twist on the normal Senatorial popularity contest! So please join us for the final party of the Ludi Romani until next year!
Location: Forum, ROMA sim

1pm - Cursus Publicus Relay Race
The cursus publicus ("public road/course") was the state-run courier service of the Roman Empire. It was created by Emperor Augustus to transport messages, officials, and tax revenues from one province to another. A series of forts and stations (mutationes, sing. mutatio) were spread out along the major road systems connecting the regions of the Roman world. These relay points provided horses to dispatch riders, usually soldiers, and vehicles for magistrates or officers of the court. In this event we re-enact the cursus with  relay-race teams (anyone can sign up to race), to transmit an important message and returning its answer to the doors of Rome. Prizes will be given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place based on best time running the course.
Location: Campus Martius, ROMA Transtiberim sim