Thursday, December 17, 2009

2009 Saturnalia Schedule

Saturday 19th December

10am- Saturnalia Ritual & Tavern Celebration
Saturnalia begins with ritual to honour Saturn and Sol Invictus, followed by a party in the Tavern with dancing, music, and general merry-making. Saturnalia in ancient Rome was one of the most popular festivals of the year. It was marked by a license for mischief and high spirits (within limits) and reversal of social roles, in which slaves and masters switched places. So put on your pileus (freedmans cap), your most colourful clothes, and come party like a Patrician (Even if you're not)! Io Saturnalia!
Location: ROMA Plaza

12pm (Noon)- Saturnalia Skating & Snowball Fights
Lake Trasimenus has frozen over and that can mean only one thing - skating time has returned to ROMA! A beautiful ice forest has sprung up on the frozen water - where we will skate, enjoy hot chocolate (or maybe something a little stronger!), and toss snowballs at each other! We have a Skoopf skate vendor as well as free skates availible, and a free snowball thrower too! Just us for all the frosty frozen fun!
Location: Lake Trasimenus

2pm- Saturnalia Snowman Building Contest
Do you like playing in the snow? Do you like building snowmen? Then we have a contest for you! In order of the winter season, we are having a snowman building contest - limited only by your imagination! Some come build us a snowman, a snow angel, even a snow dog if you want! Winners will be chosen by a 3 judge panel, and will be rated in 3 categories: Creativity, Style, and Seasonality (how well your creation fits into the seasonal theme). Builders will have 1 hour to complete their creations, and prizes will be given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.
Location: ROMA Subura Park

Sunday 20th December

10am- Subura Domus Deco Walking Tour
A walking tour through Subura to see all the decorated homes - come join in walking in a winter wonderland! The residents os Subura have decorated their homes for the season, and some of them have entered into our Domus Deco contest! After the walking tour, the voting will take place at a festive gathering celebrating the grand opening of the Villa Romani - an educational recreation of a real roman villa. There will be dancing, drinks, good music, and much to explore!
Location: Subura Julian Plaza

12pm (Noon)- Saturn's Treasure Hunt
As Saturn is the god that presides over the Roman Treasury, we are holding a treasure hunt! The Great God Saturn has cast a number of pouches all over ROMA sim - and they are all full of gold (lindens)! The game is simple: find a pouch, click it, and you get to keep the cash! But each pouch contains a differing amount, and there are more smaller pouches than large ones. But if you're lucky, you may even find a pouch worth $L200! (There are only a handful of these hidden throughout the sim though, so you must keep your eyes peeled!) Once a pouch is claimed, it's gone - so hunt fast! How much gold can you collect in 1 hour? Join us and find out!
Location: ROMA Plaza

2pm- Saturnalia Scavenger Hunt
For those who like a bit of a challenge, we offer another hunt - a Scavenger Hunt! Seek through all the ROMA sims for 3 items in each sim - when you find it, take a snapshot and add it to your hunt notecard (this will cost you $L10 per upload). The first person to complete the full set of hunt targets will be judged the winner - and the prize is $L1000! You have up to 1 hour to complete the hunt (but you may have less if someone completes their list before you). Are you up to the challenge? Prove it!
Location: ROMA Plaza

4pm- Saturnalia Grand Feast
Io Saturnalia! Or Merry Xmas! Or Happy Hanukkah! Or whatever the season's holiday means for you! Our festival culminates in the Saturnalia Grand Feast, in a beautiful ice palace - in addition to the traditional feasting and dancing, we also have ice skating (for those who missed it the first time round), polar bathing (all you polar bears - bring your swimsuits!) and an ice carousel! It's also our last chance to get together before the holidays - so come wish your fellow ROMAns Happy Holidays!
Location: ROMA Transtiberim Campus Martius

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

ROMA Saturnalia Sleigh

Thanks to Alekso Minotaur, you can take a ride through the Transtiberim sim on a comfortable Saturnalia Sleigh. You can even invite some friends to ride along. Just be careful of the icy roads! If you hit too many rough spots, the structural integrity of the sleigh just may not hold!

You can find the Saturnalia Sleigh stall just outside Ostia in the ROMA Transtiberim sim.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

ROMA in Winter Album

A new album has been posted on the ROMA Citizens Flikr page. It shows many images of the ROMA estate after the most recent snowfall, and decorated for the holidays. Find it at:

Monday, December 14, 2009

The ROMA Subura History Exhibit- Coming Soon!

The Subura has been in existence since March of 2007. It not only represents ROMA's first expansion, but also houses a vibrant and colorful community. We would like to commemorate the sim and its residents with a special exhibit in the Baths of Caracalla gallery and an illustrated book (both in SL and RL) sponsored by the ROMA Scribae group.

We are asking both current and former residents, as well as ROMA Citizens-at-large, to donate snapshots and images of the Subura. This can be of your own domus, a build you found interesting inside the Subura, or the illustration of a past event or activity inside the Subura. Historical images are particularly welcome, as this exhibit will aim to reconstruct the history of the sim. So even if you are no longer a resident, but still have some images of your build, we would love to include them in the exhibit.

If you would like to contribute, please see below. Contributions are due **31 January**. The exhibit will go live in January and last until the third anniversary of the Subura in March 2010.

1. If the snapshot is already in-world: Give it a descriptive title, make sure it is full permissions, and drop it directly on Torin Golding. You can also attach it to a notecard where you tell us about the photo or image and drop both on Torin.

2. If the snapshot is not already in-world, you don’t need to spend the L$10 to upload it. Just send it as an email attachment to Be sure to give it a descriptive title, or tell us about the photo or image in the email.

If you would like to write a few words about your Subura plot (present or past) to possibly include in the exhibit and/or book, write everything on a notecard and drop it on Torin Golding in-world. We anticipate displaying test in both the exhibit and the books.

All submissions become property of ROMA so that we may publish them in the exhibit books. All snapshots and narratives will retain their original photo and author credits (ie. everything will still list you as the photographer and/or author).

Once we get all of the submissions, we will assemble the exhibit and book for a January launch. In-game, the book will be abridged (due to in-world page restrictions) and given away for free to everyone as a souvenir for the duration of the exhibit. The RL paperback book will be published by a print-on-demand press and available on the web to anyone who would like to buy a RL copy. All proceeds from the RL book sale will go to ROMA estate upkeep.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ludi Plebeii Festival Schedule

21st November :

The Feast of Jupiter - 10am

The beginning of the Ludi Plebeii is Jupiter's Feast in the ROMA Forum. Beginning with a procession from the ROMA Plaza outside the Tavern, the Citizens will meet the Capitoline Triad in the Forum, where a ritual to ask for Their blessings will be performed. Immediately after the ritual, the feast will begin - with food, wine, and dancing in the company of the Gods.

ROMA Agitatores Chariot Races - 12pm (Noon)
In honour of Jupiter, Best and Greatest, Divine Mother Juno, and Wise Minerva, there will be chariot racing in the Subura! We invite all to come join in this spectacle, to cheer on the racers of our new Agitatores group as they navigate a tricky figure-8 loop through the narrow streets - hopefully without taking out anyone's domus (or themselves) in the process!

Palaestra Plebeii- 2pm

Summer is gone, and Autumn is nearly spent, but that's no excuse for not keeping in shape! Come join us at MajorMatt's Palaestra in Subura, where we will have wrestling games, discus throwing, and other athletic entertainments for you to enjoy. There will also be refreshments and massage tables availible for after your extreme workout.

22nd November :
Ludi Lectica Race - 10am

A Lectica Race through Subura! For those unfamiliar with what a lectica is: it is a roman carrying litter. This race will require 3 man teams - so ask around now to find partners! The race will traverse the length of Transtiberim - including a bridge across the lake, so be careful! (Falling into the lake disqualifies you!) Can you make it across the sim to be the first one past the finish line? The prize is $L1500 for the lucky team who can. (That's $L500 for each team member!)

Legion XIII Archery Contest - 12pm (Noon)

Legion XIII is hosting our Ludi Plebeii Archery Contest - and there will be prizes for the best archers! Are you a secret Robin Hood? Can you hit an apple off an avatar's head at 50 paces? Can you not even hit the broad side of a barn? Whatever your skill level, you're welcome to join the competition - it promises to be fun for all!

Thanksgiving Turkey Hunt - 2pm
In honour of the American and Canadian custom of Thanksgiving - we will be having a turkey hunt - but there's a catch - these turkeys are *TINY*. Barely the size of a large chihuahua, they are agile, speedy, and extremely difficult to tag - but if you can tag the most turkeys in 1 hour, you'll earn yourself $L1000 to have your own thanksgiving feast! (Or maybe just to buy that fancy new outfit you've had your eye on.) How many turkeys can you tag? Join the hunt and find out!

Jupiter's Grand Feast - 4pm
The Ludi Plebeii concludes with Jupiter's Grand Feast - and the theme of this feast is Gods & Goddesses! So dress up as your favourite deity - of any pantheon - and enter our Grand Feast Costume Contest. There will be two categories - Best God and Best Goddess, and the winners will each recieve $L1000 (or more, if the crowd adds to the pot). They will also win a ROMA Party Animal token that is worth 1 point on the ROMA Achievement Board! (But even if you don't win the contest, you can try to impress the Imperium members to give you a Party Animal token.) A night of feasting, dancing, and prizes not to be missed!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Announcing the ACTA ROMA

The ROMA Scribae group will now publish a bi-weekly newsletter notecard detailing the news from ROMA.

The "Acta ROMA" will contain stories about ROMA's community, useful information, group news, historical and cultural showcases, classifieds, and other content. It will help keep all ROMA info in one place.

Are you interested in helping to write for this newsletter? Contact editor *Spaciva Ivanova*. We need reporters for a third week of November inaugural issue.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Introducing [RAS]!

We are proud to announce the new ROMA Achievement System [RAS]!

Now you can earn titles, rewards, and prizes through your involvement in ROMA. Currently, 35 different Achievements can be earned, and many more will be added at regular intervals in Group, Estate, Event, and Attraction categories. Each Achievement you earn in ROMA comes with four things:

  • a special title
  • achievement points
  • a unique item
  • a colorful badge displayed on a weekly updated leader board

See where you rank and earn those Achievements today!

Learn more about the [RAS] here!

Check out the Achievements Leader Board here!

Questions? Check out our [RAS] FAQ page here!

Special Notice on the inaugural [RAS] listings: Initial positions on the leader board were made with the memories of the ROMA Management team. If something is wrong, see the FAQ page for how to submit a correction.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

ROMA @ III Festival Schedule

All Festival Long Displays and Rides:

ROMA Photo Contest

Contest Rules

ROMA Film Contest
Contest Rules

Special ROMA @ III Museum Exhibit - A History of ROMA
Location: Capitoline Museum, ROMA

ROMA Gallery Exhibit - Festival Sun and Snow globes
Location: Baths of Caracalla Gallery, ROMA

Bumper Litters Attraction
Location: Fort Augusta, ROMA

Freebies from ROMA Merchants
Location; Julian Plaza, ROMA Subura

Sunday 11th October
11:30am ROMA @ III Blessing Ritual
12pm ROMA @ III Grand Ball event

It is the 3rd anniversary of ROMA's construction! Please join us for the start of a week long celebration - with the kickoff event of a general blessing of all of ROMA by the Collegia Religio Romana, to ensure the Gods favour of our City for another year. This will be immediately followed by the ROMA @ III Grand Ball, welcoming our regular Citizens and new visitors to another year of wonderful events and camaraderie!
Location: The Gardens of Maecenas, ROMA

Monday 12th October
2pm ROMA @ III Scholastica Antiqua Lecture by William Gide

Attention all scholars and history buffs! ROMA and the Scholastica Antiqua is proud to present a lecture by William Gide, official ROMA Chief Scribe - "The Indo-European Heritage in Greek and Latin Poetry." Just as linguists are able to discover relationships between languages and show that, for example, Sanskrit and Welsh are actually distant relatives, we can also investigate the common poetic relationships in the literatures of these languages. In this talk we'll look at some of the common themes and techniques that join the poetry of the classical world to everything from the Vedas in India to versified legal documents in old Ireland.
Location: Odeon of Marcellus, ROMA

Tuesday 13th October
10am ROMA @ III Ludus event
12pm ROMA @ III Agitatores event

A ROMA @ III day of Bread & Circuses! Today's first event will be a rousing gladiator fight presented by the Ludus Dacicus Gladiatorii, followed by a chariot race by ROMA's own Agitatores (Charioteers Group) around our newly rebuilt Circus Maximus Hippodrome! Prize purses will be given to the top winning gladiator, and for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the races. (If you are interested in arena fighting or chariot racing - please consider joining the groups mentioned above.)
Ludus Location: Ludus Dacicus Gladiatorii, ROMA Transtiberim
Agitatores Location: Circus Maximus Hippodrome, ROMA

Wednesday 14th October
12pm ROMA @ III Theatrum RP event

Are you interested in Role Playing in ROMA? The Theatrum Romanum (ROMA RP group) has created a roleplay event especially for ROMA @ III - A lavish Roman dinner banquet! What intrigues will unfold? What gossip will be revealed? And what political power machinations can you devise to rise higher in the Patrician heirarchy? To find out, put on your RP tags and your best dinner party attire and take part in this roleplay event! (If you are new to ROMA RP, please review the ROMA Roleplay Rules)
Location: Plot 12, ROMA Subura

Thursday 15th October
1pm ROMA @ III Scholastica Antiqua Lecture by Angelia Rees

The second lecture in our Scholastica Antiqua ROMA @ III series - Vestalis Maxima (Chief Vestal), Angelia Rees, will be presenting "Roman Religion and Practice", a lecture on the basic structure and practices of the ancient Roman faith. The lecture will cover the Roman concept of "numina", and household worship, as well as the more familiar Olympian Gods.
Location: Odeon of Marcellus, ROMA

Friday 16th October
12pm ROMA @ III Ave Weekend Senate event
1pm ROMA @ III Legion event (The Battle of Zama)
Summer is over and the Ave Weekend events have started again! The Senate is graciously hosting this Ave Weekend party, so we can TGIF in the best ROMAn style! And *right after* that, the Legion has prepared for us a demonstration of the Battle of Zama (the final major battle of the Second Punic War) - showing the formations and tactics between Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus and Hannibal's armies - join us for this entertaining and educational recreation!
Ave Weekend Location: Venus' Magical Garden, ROMA Subura
Legion Event Location: Field of Mars, ROMA Transtiberim

Saturday 17th October
12pm ROMA @ III Theatrical event (Aristophanes' "Peace")
1:30pm ROMA LGBT & Amici Party

Join us in the completely refurbished Theatre of Dionysus for a special ROMA @ III production of "Peace" by Aristophanes (translated and updated by Torin Golding). An anti-war play, Aristophanes wrote "Peace" to be a comedic, witty, and scathing theatrical assault on Athens' (by this time) 10 year Peloponnesian War against the Spartans. The main plotline of the play is the intense desire of the citizens for relief from the miseries of war and the lengths one man goes to to achieve it. The play will immediately be followed by the ROMA LGBT & Amici party to celebrate beginning their second year in ROMA - with dancing, music, and good company all around!
Location: Theater of Dionysus, ROMA

Sunday 18th October
12pm ROMA Lemuralia
2pm ROMA Hallow'een Grand Feast

In Roman religion, the Lemuralia or Lemuria was a feast during which the ancient Romans performed rites to exorcise the malevolent and fearful ghosts of the dead from their homes. Though traditionally held in May, ROMA has moved this festival to coincide with the more modern celebration of Hallow'een, another day of ghouls and ghastlies. Our Lemuralia ritual will banish any malevolent spirits, both real & imagined, while welcoming the protective spirits of the Lares and beneficent ancestors. Our second event and the final ending to our ROMA @ III celebration is the ROMA Hallow'een Grand Feast - so break out your scariest or most fanciful costumes and come prepared for a spooky good time! We'll have a contest for best costumes and Hallow'een trivia by Mickey James, both of which can earn you cash prizes!
Lemuralia Location: Street of Tombs, ROMA Transtiberim
Grand Feast Location: Field of Mars, ROMA Transtiberim

ROMA @ III Amateur Film Contest

Please help celebrate ROMA´s third anniversary by making your own tribute film. If you currently make your own videos or needed an excuse to learn how, the Emperor now calls you to pay homage to the glory of the Empire. Help create memories of this wonderful achievement and entertain the citizens as well.

For the contest, you will have several options:

1) Record you own movie in Second Life

2) Combine still images from Second Life

3) Take a source movie and edit it to make your film.

4) Some combination of the above

The finished movie must be no longer than 3 minutes. The theme must be ROMA-related and fall below or within the limits of an R (restricted) rated movie (See for descriptions of the various ratings). The final movie should be in youtube-ready format. *Your movie should be ready by November 1, 2009. The movies will be listed on the ROMA Citizens blog and included in a special screening event held in November.*

A possible source movie is The Invincible Gladiator from 1962. Here is a creative commons version that allows for remix: Please make sure that you have the rights to any footage you use. ROMA will not be responsible for your copyright infringement.

Please direct your interest, questions or comments to JT Vale or the ROMA Entertainers Group.


This contest will run until October 17, 2009. Until then, wander around the ROMA sims and find your favorite spot to take a snapshot. Stage a snapshot with friends. Show the world how you experience ROMA.

There are 3 categories for the contest:

= Best Avatar Portrait or Self-Portrait
= Best Shot of a ROMA Landmark
= Best Illustration of Roman History and/or Culture

Each category will have 3 winners. The prizes are:

= First Prize: 1,000 L$ in each category
= Second Prize: 500 L$ in each category
= Third Prize: 250 L$ in each category

The contest will be judged by the Prefect, and the officers of the Collegia and the Senate (Torin, Angelia, Maali, Amalthea, JT, Mickey).

All entries will be displayed in a special exhibit in the Capitoline Museum in ROMA. The winners will also be added to the ROMA Flickr page and blog.

To enter the contest, read the rules below.

The maximum time each person can enter the contest is once per category. You do not need to provide a snapshot for each category, but can only enter one snapshot per category.

Snapshots must be taken in one of the public areas of the ROMA sims (ROMA Insula is permitted, but private rental plots in the Subura are not eligible as settings).

If any of the judges enter a snapshot in a category, they are inelligible to judge that category.

Modifying the image, such as in Photoshop or some other editing software program, is allowed.

Next to the Bakery in ROMA three jars have been set up in a stall, one for each category. Title your snapshot whatever you wish, but make sure it is full permissions (mod/copy/transfer). Put your entry into the corresponding category jar. The person labeled as "Creator" of the snapshot on the Properties window will be the entrant.

Winners will be announced soon after 17 October.

The contest is open to everyone, though you may want to make sure you are a member of the ROMA Citizens group to receive the notice about who has won.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Remodel inside the Baths of Caracalla

The interior staircase of the Baths of Caracalla has been rebuilt by the Prefect.

Now, a grand double curved staircase rises to the upper floor, decorated with a massive fountain and a marble naked statue of Venus.

Check it out today!

Monday, September 14, 2009

ROMA September Festival Schedule

Saturday 19th September

9am - Ludi Romani Jupiter Ritual and Feast @ Basilica
This month's festival begins with a ritual for Jupiter, honouring Him as King of the Gods and spiritual father of the Roman Pantheon. Our ritual will be followed by a very special feast in honour of a very special ROMAn - so you won't want to miss it!
Location: ROMA Basilica of Maxentius

11am - Ludi Romani Chariot Races @ Hippodrome
Come race round the spina in ROMA's Circus Maximus Hippodrome! Our chariot races, in honour of Jupiter, will be four 3-lap races - the winners of the first three races will compete in the final race to determine the final winners. There will be cash purses for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. But beware! Chariot racing is a dangerous sport - these chariots can wreck and put you out of the race! Are you skilled enough to beat the odds? Come race and find out!
Location: The ROMA Circus Maximus Hippodrome

1pm - Ludi Romani Gladiator Fight @ Ostia Ludus
Witness our brave gladiators fight for the honour of Jupiter and the glory of ROMA in several bouts to the "death"! The gladiator with the most bouts won will receive a cash purse and be granted a laurel wreath of victory by the Prefect himself! Come watch the bloody battles and cheer your favourite on to glory!
Location: Gladiator Arena in ROMA Transtiberim

3pm - Ludi Romani Cart Race thru Transtiberim
For those of you for whom the idea of a chariot race is too risky, we offer this rustic alternative - a handcart race! The race will make one loop around Transtiberim, with the first cart across the finish line as the winner! The race is run in pairs - one riding the cart, the other pushing it as fast as they can toward victory! Each member of the pair will receive a prize if their cart wins. Can you make it through Transtiberim's rugged terrain as the leader of the pack?
Location: Head of the Transtiberim Path in ROMA Transtiberim

Sunday 20th September

9am - Ludi Romani Art Exposition @ Gallery in Transtiberim
View the beautiful creations of some of ROMA's best artists! At our Art Expo, you'll see beautiful photos, paintings, sculpture, and more - and maybe even get a chance to buy them from the artists themselves! Not all the works are Roman in nature, but all of them are beautiful!
Location: Field of Mars, ROMA Transtiberim

11am - Ludi Romani Poetry Reading @ Mt. Olympus in Transtiberim
For those of you with an intellectual bent, Jupiter has opened up the gates of Mount Olympus for a relaxing hour of poetry! The theme for this reading is "Poems which mention the Muses" and "Poems relating to Art, Music, and Poetry". You can read your favourite poems by other authors or share one of your own compositions.
Location: Mt Olympus in ROMA Transtiberim

1pm - "The Muses" Mini-play @ Theatre of Dionysus
You may have heard of The Muses, but do you really know who they are? Our mini-play will attempt to enlighten you! Come meet the Nine Divine Sisters who have been the inspiration of poets, musicians, and artists since ancient times!
Location: Theater of Dionysus, ROMA

3:30pm - Ludi Romani Grand Feast @ ROMA Forum
Our festivals wind down with the Grand Feast in honour of Jupiter - come dance with us in the ROMA forum to the smooth tunes of JazzMan Correia! In addition to live music & dancing, there will be trivia by our very own Trivia Master, Mickey James (with monetary prizes for the winners)!
Location: ROMA Forum

Friday, August 21, 2009

Something New Coming Soon!

The ROMA Management Team is working on a brand new feature for ROMA and its Citizens. We can't tell you much about it yet, but we predict:
  1. It will bring a great new dimension to your time in ROMA.
  2. It will be both fun and social.
  3. It will give you a lot to brag about.
  4. It will reward those most active in the estate.
  5. It will make even more things to see and do in ROMA.
  6. It will be a great way to make new friends.
  7. Other ancient sims will eventually shamelessly copy it from us (as always) ;)
So watch this space for big news soon!


Saturday, August 15, 2009

August ROMA Festivals

Saturday 15th August

9am - Nemoralia Ritual @ Diana's shrine in Transtiberim
This month's festivals begin with a ritual for Diana & Trivia (Hecate, to you Greeks) honouring these Goddesses of the wild and the darkness. Please join us in celebrating the wild side of life, the natural world, and the mysteries of existence!
Location: ROMA Transtiberim sim

11am - Nemoralia Treasure Hunt
Diana and Trivia have scattered treasure across ROMA for Their faithful worshippers to find! Come join us in seeking to discover the hidden bounty! The hunt will take place across 3 sims: ROMA, ROMA Subura, and ROMA Transtiberim. Finding yourself in need of a few Linden? Perhaps the Goddesses will provide! Come hunt with us and fill your purses!
Location: ROMA sim

1pm - Dianic Ritual for the Amazons @ Subura Temple
A ritual especially for the Amazons of our Legion, to affirm and connect with their Patron Goddess, Diana - but all are welcome! Come support the Amazons and celebrate with them as they are blessed by Their Goddess!
Location: ROMA Subura sim

3pm - Vinalia Rustica Wine Celebration
The ancient Vinalia Rustica was a celebration of the grape and the fruits of the Earth - during this festival, the alcoholic consumption was intense and Roman women were supervised and given less alcoholic drinks to prevent them from public drunkness. But never fear - ROMA never waters down it's drinks! So drink and dance with us as we praise the gifts of the grape!
Location: ROMA Transtiberim sim


Sunday 16th August

9am - Vulcanalia Ritual @ the Volcano in ROMA
Our second day of festivals begins with a ritual to honour Vulcan, the God of the Forge, and asking His blessing on all our crafts. Since He was also the God of Volcanos and fire, we will celebrate His blessings and protection after the rite with a dip in the Lake of Fire!
Location: ROMA sim

9:30am - Vulcan's Pool Party @ the Volcano in ROMA
Are you brave enough to take a swim in Vulcan's personal pool? Then dive into our lava lake and give new meaning to the term "taking a hot bath"! There will be food, wine, and good company as we splash about in our "heated pool" and celebrate the last warm days of summer.
Location: ROMA sim

12pm - Vulcanalia Smithcraft Workshop in Subura
Our very own mastersmith Enamabala Towradgi will be giving a class on swordsmithing in SL in honour of the Master of Smiths, Vulcan. Come learn how the Romans crafted their weapons and create your own blades under Enama's expert tutoring. All are welcome, regardless of building skill-level!
Location: ROMA Subura sim

3pm - The Fires in the Night Grand Feast in Transtiberim
Our festivals wind down with the Grand Feast in honour of Diana, Trivia, and Vulcan - come dance with us in Diana's Grove, beneath the light of Her silvery moon and the flames of Vulcan's Forge! There will be music & dancing, as well as trivia by our own Mickey James (with monetary prizes for the winners)!
Location: ROMA Transtiberim sim

Friday, June 12, 2009

ROMA Bellonalia & Vestalia Schedule

Saturday 13th June

9am - Bellona Ritual

Our festivals begin with a ritual for Bellona, the Roman Goddess of War - sister of Mars, and Spiritual Mother of ROMA's Amazons. Little is known of Bellona's rites in Ancient times, save that they were held in Her temple on the Campus Martius - but we have our own ritual to honour Her on ROMA's Campus Martius. After the rite, we will begin the martial contests, where contestants will strive for glory (and cash prizes)!
Location: ROMA Transtiberim (outside Ostia)

9:30am - Bellona Martial Contests

To further honour Bellona, we will be having some martial contests & games in Transtiberim. There will be javelin throwing, discus throwing, wrestling, archery, and climbing contests. The winner of each type of event will win $L500. Then all the winners will be allowed to race for the grand prize - to the top of the Tower of Doom! Do you have what it takes to win it all? Come test your skills and luck!
Location: ROMA Transtiberim (outside Ostia)

12pm - Legion XIII's Bellonalia Biathlon

Legion XIII will be holding a Bellona Biathlon for your viewing pleasure! This is a two part competition, which will begin with an archery contest in Fort Augusta. The top 3 winners will move on to the next event - horse racing. After a procession to the Circus Maximus, the winning athletes will compete in a 6 lap race. Once the grand champion is chosen, the audience will have the opportunity to challenge him/her in another race for a cash purse.
Location: ROMA Fort Augusta


Sunday 14th June

9:30am - Vestalia Ritual

The time has come again to honour Vesta, Goddess of Hearth and Home! Please join us in honouring Her with a ritual, that she might shed Her warmth and light on ROMA for another year! After the ritual, we will have a procession from the Vestal temple to the Subura - where some of the residents there have opened their homes for our pleasure!
Location: ROMA, Temple of Vesta

10am - Subura Domus Crawl

Ever heard of a pub crawl? Well we've come up with our own version - the Subura Domus Crawl! Join us in invading the homes of some of Subura's residents! Ever wondered what some of our citizens are hiding behind their tall walls? Now you can see for yourself! We will have 30 minutes in each participating domus to explore, dance, and raid some of the goodies they've set out for us! Each home will have a different musical theme as well, so that the ongoing party never gets stale. This event will last all day - so come early, or come late, but come join us!
Location: ROMA Subura, Julian Plaza

4pm - The Bellona & Vesta Grand Feast

Our Festivals culminate with the Bellona & Vesta Grand Feast - our wind-down party from the hectic Subura tour! Come dance with us around the bonfire to some relaxing tunes and pleasant conversation!
Location: ROMA, Gardens of Maecenas

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Video: R.G.W.

Remember... what happens in ROMA, stays in ROMA ;)

ROMA Bellonalia & Vestalia Schedule

Saturday 13th June

9am - Bellona Ritual

Our festivals begin with a ritual for Bellona, the Roman Goddess of War - sister of Mars, and Spiritual Mother of ROMA's Amazons. Little is known of Bellona's rites in Ancient times, save that they were held in Her temple on the Campus Martius - but we have our own ritual to honour Her on ROMA's Campus Martius. After the rite, we will begin the martial contests, where contestants will strive for glory (and cash prizes)!

Location: Campus Martius, ROMA Transtiberim

9:30am - Bellona Martial Contests

To further honour Bellona, we will be having some martial contests & games in Transtiberim. There will be javelin throwing, discus throwing, wrestling, archery, and climbing contests. The winner of each type of event will win $L500. Then all the winners will be allowed to race for the grand prize - to the top of the Tower of Doom! Do you have what it takes to win it all? Come test your skills and luck!

Location: Campus Martius, ROMA Transtiberim

12pm - Legion XIII's Bellonalia Biathlon

Legion XIII will be holding a Bellona Biathlon for your viewing pleasure! This is a two part competition, which will begin with an archery contest in Fort Augusta. The top 3 winners will move on to the next event - horse racing. After a procession to the Circus Maximus, the winning athletes will compete in a 6 lap race. Once the grand champion is chosen, the audience will have the opportunity to challenge him/her in another race for a cash purse.

Location: Fort Legio VII Augustus, ROMA

Sunday 14th June

9:30am - Vestalia Ritual

The time has come again to honour Vesta, Goddess of Hearth and Home! Please join us in honouring Her with a ritual, that she might shed Her warmth and light on ROMA for another year! After the ritual, we will have a procession from the Vestal temple to the Subura - where some of the residents there have opened their homes for our pleasure!

Location: The Temple of Vesta, ROMA

10am - Subura Domus Crawl

Ever heard of a pub crawl? Well we've come up with our own version - the Subura Domus Crawl! Join us in invading the homes of some of Subura's residents! Ever wondered what some of our citizens are hiding behind their tall walls? Now you can see for yourself! We will have 30 minutes in each participating domus to explore, dance, and raid some of the goodies they've set out for us! Each home will have a different musical theme as well, so that the ongoing party never gets stale. This event will last all day - so come early, or come late, but come join us!

Location: ROMA Subura

4pm - The Bellona & Vesta Grand Feast

Our Festivals culminate with the Bellona & Vesta Grand Feast - our wind-down party from the hectic Subura tour! Come dance with us around the bonfire to some relaxing tunes and pleasant conversation!

Location: The Gardens of Maecenas, ROMA

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New ROMA Web Portal

Avete Citizens!

Exciting news from the Palatine! At long last ROMA has its own web domain:

This will serve as a portal for all of our online content. Virtually all of our previous web pages will continue to exist at their old URLs (such as this blog, the messageboard, the social sites, etc), but will now be pulled together and fully accessible from

Now you only need to remember one web address to access all of ROMA!

(Group Officers: If you would like to have any info added, or if you would like to create your own web content for this site, talk to Torin and he'll make it happen.)

Friday, May 15, 2009

ROMA Bona Dea & Mercuralia Schedule

Saturday 16th May

10 am - Bona Dea Ritual & Maypole Dance

Our festivals begin with a ritual for Bona Dea, "The Good Goddess" - Also known as Fauna, She is the daughter of Faunus, and a goddess virginity, fertility, and healing. Bona Dea's rites included only women - even paintings or drawings of men or male animals were forbidden - but in our ROMA, the menfolk are welcome to Her rites. After the rite, we will have the traditional maypole dance, as well as grape-stomping and wine!
Location: ROMA Transtiberim sim

12pm - Bona Dea Cross-Dressing Contest

Because no women were traditionally allowed to participate in Bona Dea's rites, we have found a way to sneak the men in! We will be having a cross-dressing contest for the boys of ROMA - but there's a catch! Just as in RL, you can change everything but your shape - that must remain male! There will be cash prizes for the Prettiest, Ugliest, Most Realistic, and Most Outrageous costumes - don't be shy, come join in the fun! Please see attached rules for details.
Location: ROMA Transtiberim sim

2pm - Bona Dea Carnivale

To help celebrate the return of warm weather and springtime, what's better than a carnivale? Perhaps celebrating one of ROMA's very own MVPs! We are starting a new tradition this year, honouring various ROMA Citizens for their contributions - since Bona Dea is a female festival, our MPV is Spaciva Ivanova! The carnivale will also help raise funds for the Legion & Collegia, who are in danger of losing their HQs. So come along, have some fun and make a difference while you play! (We will be electing a male MVP at Saturnalia as well!)
�ocation: ROMA Fort


Sunday 17th May

10am - Mercuralia Ritual

Mercury isn't just the herald of the Gods - He's also the patron of merchants and commerce! So this Mercuralia, we will be honouring Him with a ritual in the Mercury Temple at the Macellum! After the ritual, there will be drinking, dancing, and games in the Tavern. Consider it the calm before a long day of contests!
Location: ROMA Subura

11am- Senate Meeting

The public is invited to the ROMA Senate meeting in the ROMA Curia.
Location: ROMA sim

12pm - Mercuralia Footrace

Mercury is known for His swift travel as well - do you think you can match His prowess? Here's your chance to try! We will be having several footraces on the Hippodrome's track in honour of Mercury the Swift. There will be prizes for the 1st place winners of each race, with a race-off of all winners for a Grand Prize. Can you be the leader of the pack? Come prove it!
Location: ROMA sim

2pm - Mercuralia Treasure Hunt

Oh no! While blessing ROMA with good fortune, Mercury has lost all His money pouches! Can you find them for Him? For each purse you find, you'll get a monetary reward - yes, that means cold, hard lindens! How big a reward will you finally reap? Come join the hunt and find out!
Location: ROMA sim

4pm - The Mercury & Fauna Grand Feast

Our Festivals culminate with the Mercury & Fauna Grand Feast - come celebrate the return of Spring with us! We will also be having a trivia contest, courtesy of Mickey James! There will be cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place contest winners!
Location: ROMA sim

Monday, May 4, 2009

ROMA PRO VITA Flea Market a Success!

Thanks to the hard work of the organizers and the generosity of our citizens, the ROMA PRO VITA Flea Market that was held in the ROMA Fort was a great success!

Over L$36,500 was raised, bringing in over $141.00 US to help fight cancer and fund cancer research.

The finale of the market was held on Sunday with a great live music concert in the Fort!

There will be more ROMA PRO VITA events held this spring in ROMA to benefit the Relay For Life organization, so watch the ROMA notices.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

How the upcoming changes regarding "adult regions" will affect ROMA

1. First, be sure to read what Angelia wrote explaining why the changes are happening, and why LL is now attempting to censor sexual and extremely violent content on the grid. This notecard is available on the 'notices' tab of the ROMA Citizens group (soon to be found in world in the Plaza).

2. ROMA will remain 'Mature' and not go 'Adult'. This is for two reasons: A) remaining 'Mature' under the new LL system requires only a few minor changes to the overall way ROMA is run and B) we do not wish to exclude unverified accounts from ROMA, many of which are students and teachers affiliated with universities and colleges and museums who usually do not link those accounts with credit card info, etc to verify them. ROMA, however will remain a place where only players above 18 are welcome.

3. The rooms under the Lupanar will be closed. ROMA will no longer offer a place for avatars to engage in virtual sex. The 12 Tables will be changed to reflect that as a ‘mature’ zoned area, we can no longer offer such a space. (The rooms were rarely used so this is in our opinion no big loss).

4. Based on comments from Blondin Linden, male and female avatar nudity can occur in Mature regions. RL pictures of nudity can not. So the Hot Springs will continue to be clothing optional. (the LL policy regarding nudity is still being worked out, so this may change in the future).

5. Merchants selling items where sexual acts are depicted will no longer be able to list them for sale in uncensored form. Right now we will allow, for example, images of ancient erotica to be sold if the images in the vendor are censored to reflect the new LL policy. So put black bars on the advertised image, and sell the uncensored in a manner that it can not be seen until the customer rezzes it at home. Erotic, sexual themed and extremely violent objects can not be advertised in classified, profile picks, or external web pages as being sold in ROMA. We will change the merchant agreements to reflect this.

6. For Subura residents, our Subura rules already stipulate that sexual matters need to remain indoors where they are not visible to the general public. Everyone knows this already, and the Subura residents have been exemplary in adhering to this rule. This policy will remain in effect, with the added caveat that LL now forbids them from advertising public parties or events at their Subura plot if they have sexual themed objects such as erotic art, sex beds, BDSM equipment, etc in their private house. This includes skybox material that will be out of sight. It can’t be on the parcel period if you have a public event. You are still able to have such objects if they are private and kept out of the sight of passer-bys.

7. As for violence, our roleplay does not involve realistic or extreme violence, so I do not see more than some minor tweaks in this area. The Ludus fights and Legion displays are educational (and it would help make this point if the Legion, Legio, and Ludus groups used the words ‘educational’ and ‘recreation’ more in their events and notices. Let us ‘play up’ our educational components.). Legion and Ludus members should refrain from using any gadget or effect that is particularly bloody or gruesome. ROMA is not a combat-oriented roleplay land, and just enjoying a combat system in its place (already spelled out in the 12 Tables and regulated in the sims and by the groups) does not cross us over from ‘mature’ to ‘adult’.

8. Roleplay and roleplay events should also not incorporate overt sexual or violent themes. Our roleplay rules already forbid sexual slavery (of the Gor and BDSM variety) so that will continue to be in force.

Torin Golding
Owner & Prefect, ROMA Sims

Monday, April 13, 2009

April Festival Events

2009 Veneralia/Floralia/Cerealia Festival Schedule

Saturday 18th April

10 am - Veneralia Ritual/Ask Venus and Love Poetry
Our festivals begin with a ritual for Venus Verticordia, "The Changer of Hearts" - to petition Venus for support and aid in one's lovelife. After the rite, you'll get a change to ask all your love questions of Venus Herself, and we will have reading of love poetry as well - so bring your favourite poems or even those you've written yourself!
LOCATION: ROMA Hot Springs, ROMA Transtibirim

12pm - Floralia Ritual/Egg Hunt
Come celebrate the Roman version of Easter with us! The Floralia is the festival of the Goddess Flora, patron of flowers and spring fertility. In Flora's honour, we will have a ritual, followed by a sim wide egg hunt in Transtiberim. Every egg contains a prize, a few of them one-of-a-kind, so don't miss it! (See Hunt instructions in the ROMA Tabularium)
LOCATION: ROMA Transtibirim

2pm - Cerealia Ritual/Garden Harvest Party
Though Flora ushers in the Springtime, it is Ceres who holds sway over the fruitfulness of the Earth entire, and the Cerealia is the Roman festival held in Her honour. In keeping with this ancient tradition, we will be having a ritual in Ceres' honour, followed by a celebration in the Gardens of Ceres (usually known as the Gardens of Maecenas) - come tend the garden, dance in the flowers, and welcome in the springtime with us!
LOCATION: Gardens of Maecenas, ROMA

Sunday 19th April

10am - Veneralia Lupanar Tour/Sex In The Roman World exhibit
Venus was the Roman Goddess of Erotic love - and ancient Rome was an ardent follower of Her sacred mysteries! Come learn about the role sex played in ancient Rome with a guided tour of ROMA's Lupanar (brothel) and it's special exhibit!
LOCATION: Lupanar district, ROMA

12pm - Floralia Egg Race
What's a springtime celebration without some fun contests? For Floralia, we are holding an egg race through the streets of ROMA! Come decorate an egg and try to roll it from the Forum to the Finish Line in the ROMA Plaza - but there's a catch - these eggs *bounce*! Can you make it to the finish without your egg getting away from you? The first one across the finish line wins a prize.

2pm - Cerealia Fox Hunt
Part of ancient Cerealia's celebration was to let loose wild foxes to run free through the Circus Maximus. ROMA has our own fox tradition, the Cerealia Fox Hunt! Come chase our foxes and see how many you can tag in 1 hour - 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prize purses for those with the most foxes tagged. But beware - ROMA foxes are quick and crafty!
LOCATION: Head of Transtibirim Path, ROMA Transtibirim

4pm - The Tria Deae Grand Feast
Our Spring Festival culminate with the Tria Deae (Three Goddesses) Grand Feast - come dance under the springtime stars with us! We will also be holding a contest for best festival themed costume - love, flowers, gardens, and foxes are a just few of the themes you can choose from. But whatever fits with a Veneralia, Floralia, or Cerealia theme is welcome! (Giant box of Cheerios, anyone?) There will be cash prizes for best male and female costume.
LOCATION: Field of Mars, ROMA Transtibirim

Friday, March 13, 2009

March Festival Schedule

Equirria, Matronalia, Quinquatria, & Bacchanalia

March 14th, 2009

10am - Rekindling Vesta's Holy Flame
Our festivals begin this month with the Rekindling of the Flame in the Temple of Vesta in ROMA. After the ritual, Vesta Herself will lead a procession into Subura where She will give each domus Her blessing. After the blessing, there will be drinking, dancing, and music for all!
Location: ROMA Temple of Vesta

1pm - Subura Equirria Races
In honour of Mars and Equirria, we are having a horse race through the Subura! Anyone can enter the race - you can bring your own horse, or use one of our demo horses. Even Centaurs are welcome! There will be a prize purse for the winner of the race, as well as a 12 prim trophy to display in your domus!
Location: ROMA Subura

3pm - Matronalia Costume Beauty Contest
Matronalia is the Roman equivalent of our Mother's Day, and this year, we are celebrating the beauty that is motherhood! Our beauty contest will be a costume event, and anyone can enter, even men - but your costume theme must relate to mothers and motherhood. There will be cash prizes for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place. Please see attached contest rules for details.
Location: Odeon of Marcellus, ROMA

March 15th, 2009

10:30am- ROMA Senate Meeting
All ROMA citizens are welcome to attend the Senate meeting in the Curia @ 10:30 a.m. SLT.
Location: ROMA Curia, Forum

12pm - Quinquatria Legion Battle Demo
At Fort Legio Augusta in ROMA, our beloved Legio will be putting on a battle display in honour of Mars for the Quinquatria. Come see what a Roman war might have looked like, complete with seige engines!
Location: Fort, ROMA

2pm - Quinquatria Ritual for Minerva and Oracle Prophecies
Come to the Temple of Minerva in Subura for a ritual honouring the Goddess! Minerva is the goddess of the Quinquatria, a balancing force of just & honourable battle against the passionate and wild war symbolised by Mars. Our ritual today honours Her wisdom and justice, as well as asking Her blessing upon our ROMA. After the ritual, we will take part in a Quinquatria tradition - that of divination and prophecy. Come ask the Pythia your fate!
Location: Temple of Minerva, ROMA Subura

4pm - Bacchanalia Grand Feast
Come join us for the Grand Feast of the Bacchanalia! We will elect a Bacchus and Chief Maenad to preside over the feast, and a Bacchanal Trivia game, presented by our trivia-master Mickey James! So come dressed in your wild man/wild woman best and party with us!
Location: ROMA Transtiberim (outside Ostia)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Alt Warning To The ROMA Community


Avete Citizens

This is a difficult post for me to write. For over a year, one person has been repeatedly harassing ROMA with alts. It has caused myself, the Emperor, our estate management staff, and group officers a great deal of emotional stress and bother.

This griefer has taken complete advantage of our collective trusting nature and the good graces of the entire ROMA community. To date they have utilized over 35 (!!!) alts to attempt to cause financial, emotional and social stress to ROMA. Today, when a group of officers confronted their latest alt, they did what they have always done- they ran away, no doubt to try and come back again as another alt.

Therefore we are forced to take the unprecedented step now of publicly declaring to the community what we believe to be many of the alts of this person. We hope by listing the names we will show the community the breadth of the problem this person engenders as well as alert the community to the issue. The management of ROMA suggests you be on your guard when dealing with these individuals or currently unknown alts that may be the same individual. The alts have all been banned from ROMA and removed from all closed groups.

ROMA will not tolerate the use of alts to harass our community. We have a tremendous group of people here, which is probably why sick people like this griefer have targeted us in the past.

Many thanks to everyone who has been helpful in unmasking this serial griefer. It has been a several month-long sting operation covering several countries. We know exactly who the griefer is outside of SL and will be delivering an abuse report directly to LL.

Please join with me in rejecting the twisted actions of this sick individual. ROMA is better than them.


1) Arada Arado
2) Tullia Lanzius
3) Liquid Gold
4) Nemesis Hydraconis
5) Lu Le
6) Helveticus Kultus
7) Egyptian Scribe
8) Clementia Schapira
9) Xylophonia Gelles
10) Maat Destiny
11) Delicia Juliesse
12) Venus Baragula
13) Gaius Cuttita
14) Cecilia Halberstadt
15) SlaveofCecilia Halberstadt
16) Grandiosa Vendetta
17) Hypatia Sparta
18) Norma Lauria
19) Publius Cornelius
20) Persipina Rhiadra
21) Xenobia Thespian
22) Legatus Mimulus
23) Robin McCall
24) Diamantha Burnstein
25) Paulette Lefevre
26) GrandeDuchesse Juliesse
27) Barbara Flinders
28) tamara Slyusarenko
29) Thane Woodford
30) Sister Hood
31) Salome Karillion
32) Lucretia Larnia
33) Minucius Mimulus
34) Nuntius Mimulus
35) Amethystangel Ember
36) Isis Khandr
37) Shahrazad Kharg
38) Drucilla Galicia

Please note this is a partial, not complete list of this person's alts - there are too many to conveniently list here. We have listed the more well-known alts around ROMA.

Depuis plus d'un an, plusieurs avatars, qui ne sont en fait qu'une seule personne, ont visé ROMA. Ces avatars ont causé des torts financiers, moraux et causé du stress émotionnel et social à toute la communauté. Nous avons pris la décision de déclarer publiquement la liste des noms de ces avatars, à toute la communauté afin que cela cesse. La direction vous recommande vivement d'être sur vos gardes si vous êtes en face de ces individus, ainsi qu'avec des autres avatars inconnus qui pourraient être en fait toujours la même personne.

Mehr als ein Jahr lang haben alts unter der Kontrolle einer Person in ROMA ihr Unwesen getrieben. Sie haben finanziellen, emotionalen und öffentlichen Ärger in ROMA und dessen Community verursacht. Wir gehen nun den Schitt, der Community eine Liste von alt Namen öffentlich bekannt zu machen. Das Management mahnt jeden dringlich, Vorsicht im Umgang mit diesen Individuen walten zu lassen. Dies gilt auch für bisher noch nicht bekannte oder noch unentdeckte alts, die die gleiche Person sein können. Bitte beachten Sie, daß dies nur eine Auswahl und keine komplette Liste der alts dieser Person ist - es sind schlicht zu viele um sie alle namentlich zu nennen. Aufgeführt sind nur die bekannteren alts die sich in ROMA aufhielten.

Per oltre un anno, degli ''Alts'' (diversi avatars controllati da una persona sola) sotto il controllo di una persona hanno bersagliato ROMA. Hanno causato stess finanziari, emozionali e sociali all'intera community. Stiamo ora rendendo pubblica la notizia e dichiarando la lista degli alts a tutta la community in maniera da poterli fermare. Il managament suggerisce di stare in guardia quando incontrate questi individui oppure altri alts sconosciuti che potrebbero essere lo stesso individuo. Prego notare che questa è una parziale, non completa, lista degli alts di questa persona (ce ne sono troppi per poterli inserire nella lista). Abbiamo inserito nelal lista i più conosciuti alts di ROMA.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lupercalia 2009 Schedule


10am - Lupercal Cave - Lupercalia Ritual and The Running of the Luperci

In celebration of this most ancient of festivals we will be performing the official Rite of Faunus Lupercus, for Faunus Lupercus, God of the Wilds and Lupa, the shewolf who nourished the founding fathers Romulus and Remus. After the rite, we will have the Running of The Luperci - half-naked youths who bless the young ladies of the city. The women will line the path to the city gates, to submit to being lightly flogged with goatskin floggers in hopes of fertility (both of mind and body).

12 noon - Forum - Presentation of the Legion, and the Escort of Venus

The Legio, in a time honored military display, will present arms (and their new uniforms) to our Imperator Julian Augustus. This presentation will be attended by the lovely Goddess Venus, who will be escorted to the baths where citizens may consult Her. Don't miss your chance to see our beloved Imperator!

12:30ish - Baths of Caracalla - Ask Venus

Our lovely Goddess Venus will hold court in the Baths of Caracalla for those who seek council about matters of love and romance! Please join us with your questions, or just to hang out and hear what others wish to know. No question is too personal or trivial - Venus will answer them all!

2pm - Gardens of Maecenas - Lovelorn Date Auction

Need a lovely or handsome valentine for this day of love and romance? Then bring your lindens and bid on the avatar of your dreams and win a date! Or perhaps you'd rather put yourself on the auction block and trust to fate. Perhaps you'll meet the one you've always dreamed of partnering! The proceeds go to The Collegia Religio Romana to help bring you more of these wonderful festivals.


9am - Ludus - Lecture on Roman Military Life

The Commanders of the Legio will demonstrate and discuss the rigors of military life. Topics will include organization, uniforms, equipment, and much more. Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about Roman Military life!

10am - Ludus - Gladiatorial Games

Come cheer for your favorite gladiator or gladiatrix! The battles of grit and determination are sure to entertain. Sponsored by the Ludus Dacicus Gladiatorii, in honor of Lupercalia.

12noon - Senator Hunt

Can't find a Senator when you need one? Now's your chance! Sponsered by the Senate Curia, we will hunt the senators through ROMA, ROMA Subura, and ROMA Transtiberim in the manner of a foxhunt. Prizes will be awarded to the one who has tagged the most politicos.

4pm - Grand Feast and Sweetheart Gift Show and Tell

To top off this festival weekend, we have The Grand Feast of Lupercalia! This is your chance to show off the gift sent to you by your mystery sweetheart, and dance till the sun comes up. We promise you a wild time - and clothing will be optional. ;)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The ROMA “IN SUO ANNO” New Merchant Program

In the Roman world, a Citizen was said to be “in suo anno” if he achieved each political office in sequential order at the youngest possible age, usually with a lot of external help from established politicians. It was one way of fast-tracking their political career. In ROMA, we would like to extend a similar helping hand to content creators that are just starting out in Second Life.

The ROMA “IN SUO ANNO” New Merchant Program provides free prime rental in the Roman Market for one month, where hopefully a beginning content creator will be able to raise enough funds to start their own commercial career in SL. In return, ROMA attracts a new and dynamic content creator every month, and ROMA Citizens are exposed to a wide range of fresh content.

More information is available from a notecard giving sign in the Customs House, Market, and Tabularium.

If you, or you know of someone, who qualifies and would like to participate, please contact Ludovik Cazenove.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Legionnaires of the Month

Over on the LEGIO XIII SL blog, they have been appointing Legionnaires of the Month. These soldiers have been singled out for the dedication and their commitment to the Legion and to ROMA. They have been given special medals as well as the title which they can wear on their armor.

Toth Auebauch was appointed Legionnaire of the Month for January, Ocean Lynagh for the month of December, and Revo Morales, Alekso Minotaur, and Achille Back for October.

Congratulations to all Legionnaires!