Friday, December 14, 2007

Saturnalia 07 !

The Saturnalia festival is now going on. You can check out some pictures from the events here (including some unexpected beefcake thanks to a few of our Senators!)

Full Schedule:

Friday, 14th December

11am SLT - Candlelight Procession to the Temple of Jupiter, for the Ritual to Saturn, which starts off the festivities

12pm SLT/1200 hrs - Saturnalia Carnival in the Fort, with games to play and prizes to win.

(Both these events will be repeated later in the day at 5pm SLT/1700 hrs and 6pm SLT/1800 hrs, so you have two chances to attend.)


Saturday, 15th December

Starting 8am SLT - The Senate will be passing out milk and cookies in the Curia all day. Here's a chance for our Citizens to meet our Senators face to face and get in a little chat wth them. And there are cookies, too!

12pm SLT/1200 hrs - Hot Times at the Baths of Caracalla! Come to the baths for a soak and a chat - it's chilly out there, come in and warm up!

2pm SLT/1400 hrs - A Live Music Event in the Arena in ROMA, with music by Noma Falta.

5pm SLT/1700 hrs - If you are a RL Classical Scholar, or just have a deep interest in ancient history and culture, come to the Odeon of Marcellus, where we'll chat about ancient cultures and how to use ROMA as an educational environment. All welcome.


Sunday, 16th December

4pm SLT/1600 hrs - Saturnalia Grand Feast, in the Imperator's palace in ROMA. There will be a special TP set up in the Plaza outside the Tavern so Citizens may get to the Palace. There will be drinking, feasting, dancing, and a small gift for all attendees. The Feast will be reigned over by our elected Imperator and Imperatrix of Misrule, and their court, who have the right to ask the crowd to entertain with funny stories, jokes, and dances on a purely voluntary basis. Want an excuse to play the fool? Now's your chance!


All Festival Long

Ice Skating - The Baths of Caracalla have frozen over! Come ice skate on the frozen pool! If the pool is too cozy for you, check out the frozen ice pond in the Fort, which will be there until Dec. 14th.

ROMA Scavenger Hunt - The Vestalis Maxima has a tear in her purse and has been dropping coins all over ROMA! Find them and click them, and you'll receive a small Saturnalia gift. Collect all 20! They are hidden around ROMA and Ostia in ROMA Transtiberim.

ROMA Saturnalia Gift Exchange - A secret gift exchange for the Citizens! Want to give gifts to your fellow Citizens this holiday season? Go to the holiday tree in the middle of the Forum in ROMA and find out how.

ROMA Charity Drive - ROMA is collecting donations for Relay For Life, an American Cancer Society campaign to raise money for those suffering with cancer. Please donate if you can during this festival.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

ROMA Video!

Senator Princeps JT Vale is an accomplished film maker and has started a new website for those who wish to post movies you make in ROMA. It is If you have a video that you would like to post, please let JT know. In the meantime enjoy his latest opus from the re-consecration ceremony in October: