Saturday, December 18, 2010

Saturnalia Schedule

Friday 17 Dec:

12pm (Noon)- Ave Weekend Party
Start ROMA Saturnalia at the Pompeii Tavern for our "Ave Weekend" party. Dancing and merrymaking!
Location: Pompeii Tavern, ROMA sim

1pm Saturnalia Latin Lessons
After the "Ave Weekend", we will hold a holiday themed Latin class in the ROMA Basilica. Bring your brain and learn a host of holiday sayings, as well as other Latin information. All levels welcome!
Location: Basilica Maxentius, ROMA sim
(Sponsored by the Scholastica Antiqua group)


Saturday 18th Dec. :

10am- Saturnalia Ritual & Tavern Celebration
Today's Saturnalia events begin with ritual to honour Saturn and Sol Invictus, followed by a party in the Tavern with dancing, music, and general merry-making. Saturnalia in ancient Rome was one of the most popular festivals of the year. It was marked by a license for mischief and high spirits (within limits) and reversal of social roles, in which slaves and masters switched places. So put on your pileus (freedmans cap), your most colourful clothes, and come party like a Patrician (Even if you're not)! Io Saturnalia!
Location: ROMA Plaza, ROMA sim

12pm (Noon)- Saturnalia Snowman Building Contest
Do you like playing in the snow? Do you like building snowmen? Then we have a contest for you! In order of the winter season, we are having a snowman building contest - limited only by your imagination! Some come build us a snowman, a snow angel, even a snow dog if you want! Winners will be chosen by a 3 judge panel, and will be rated in 3 categories: Creativity, Style, and Seasonality (how well your creation fits into the seasonal theme). Builders will have 1 hour to complete their creations, and prizes will be given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.
Location: Subura Park, ROMA Subura sim

1:30pm Subura Domus Deco Walking Tour & Feast
A walking tour through Subura to see all the decorated homes - come join in walking in a winter wonderland! The residents os Subura have decorated their homes for the season. After the walking tour, we will have a festive feast with dancing, drinks, good music, and much to explore!
Location: Begin in Julian Plaza, ROMA Subura sim


Sunday 19th Dec. :

11am- Saturnalia Ice Skating Party
Lake Trasimenus has frozen over and that can mean only one thing - skating time has returned to ROMA! We will skate, enjoy hot chocolate (or maybe something a little stronger!), and toss snowballs at each other! We have a Skoopf skate vendor as well as free skates availible. Just us for all the frosty frozen fun!
Location: Frozen Lake Trasimene, ROMA Transtiberim sim

12pm (Noon)- Saturnalia Sleigh Races
We will race sleighs through the ROMA Transtiberim sim. Anyone can take part. These sleighs take damage if you bump into walls or obstacles, so just getting to the end of the course will be a challenge! Cash prize to the person with the best time around the whole sim (without wrecking).
Location: Begin at, and spectator viewing at Campfire Hill, ROMA tTranstiberim sim

1pm- Saturnalia Legion Gladius Deathmatch
Want to try your hand with the famous Roman weapon? Come take part in the Legion Gladius Deathmatch. Everyone is invited to enter the cage and take a swing! Cash prize for the winners and bragging rights to the losers! Full instructions here: 􀀀
Location: Legion Fort, ROMA Transtiberim sim
(Sponsired by the ROMA Legio XIII Gemina group)

4pm- Saturnalia Grand Feast
Io Saturnalia! Or Merry Xmas! Or Happy Hanukkah! Or whatever the season's holiday means for you! Our festival culminates in the Saturnalia Grand Feast. It's also our last chance to get together before the holidays - so come wish your fellow ROMAns Happy Holidays! The Grand Feast will include a Trivia Contest and Saturnalia Gift Exchange.
Location: Field of Mars, ROMA Transtiberim sim

Friday, December 3, 2010

ROMA Participating in Project Skylight

In case you haven't heard, Linden Lab is testing a browser based SL client (meaning they hope to offer the option to log into SL using a website instead of a downloaded software based client). They have been testing this during most of the month of November and it seems to be quite successful.

In the test, people could log into SL via a web page and interact with the world. They could also IM and chat, although inventory-based actions were not supported. A small collection of pre-chosen sims were available for teleport and exploration under three categories: Destinations, Music, and Socializing.

In late October, ROMA was contacted about being one of the few sims chosen for the "Destinations" category. LL felt ROMA represented an attractive and welcoming stop for Skylight testers, often comprising of people who had never experienced SL before. Throughout November, ROMA has hosted many Skylight testers, all of who had a numerical first name and the surname "Guest".

ROMA has felt very privileged to partake in what looks to be a large step forward in the technology of SL and which will hopefully increase the player base.

The test is still ongoing. If you would like to check it out go to this web page. Allow the video to play and the system will check your internet connection to see if it is healthy enough to proceed. If it is, you will be given the option to input your email. Make sure your Flash software is the latest version and you'll be able to access SL in a browser for up to an hour. Under the destinations tab, you will find the teleport to ROMA. Come check out how it looks in a browser!

(After the test, you'll be emailed a questionnaire for comments by LL. Some nice words about ROMA would be very welcome!)

Winter Returns!

Winter has returned to ROMA! A heavy snowstorm has passed through and turned the estate white.

The emperor has determined that this is the perfect time to put up the winter holiday decorations. Come explore it!

(Tip: use the Windlight presets to set your browser to the Sky>Foggy setting for the best views of the winter wonderland).

Ice skating available on Lake Trasimene and you can sit in the Plaza and listen to holiday carols played on holiday bells. Stay tuned for the Saturnalia schedule coming soon!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

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