Wednesday, June 13, 2007

New Attraction: The Tarpeian Rock

ROMA has always had a Tarpeian Rock, but few people knew about it. So the Emperor recently told his engineers to turn it into a mini-attraction. The Rock has now been roped off and warning signs posted around it.

In antiquity, the Tarpeian Rock was a place of execution for traitors and murderers. They were dragged to the top of the peak and pitched headlong off it. It was named after the treasonous daughter of the commander of the Capitoline citadel, Tarpeia, who showed the Sabines this secret path onto the hill which was located below this large rock. They stormed the citadel and killed Tarpeia in the process. The Romans pushed the Sabines back out, but forever after Romans would remember the name of the woman who would betray her people.

In ROMA, our Tarpeian Rock has been outfitted with a gadget that will allow you to throw yourself off the rock (you need not be a murderer or traitor) and also to do some pretty nifty aerial acrobatics on your way down to the crashing rocks below.

The Tarpeian Rock is located next to the large Temple to Jupiter on the Capitoline Hill in the Forum, on the same platform as the Temple of Vesta.

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Al Iguana said...

Have you seen this? A complete recreation of Ancient Rome, by archeologists, architects etc:

Apparently, talks are underway with Linden Labs to bring the whole thing online in Second Life: