Wednesday, October 3, 2007

ROMA Roleplay Plot

The Theatrum Romanum roleplay group is starting a new plot involving the Getae (until recently the Legion's deadly enemies, now friends by truce). From a notecard circulated amongst the group:
The year is 100 AD. The new emperor of Roma is well received by his people - undoing many injustices perpetrated under Domitian, and working hard to ensure the goodwill of his people. However the emperor is away from the city, and there remain political intrigues and corruption in high places.

Piracy still causes shipments to be lost at sea, and adds to the danger of sea voyages. On land, there are still bandits operating where they can, and the fact that they still exist hints at some degree of organisation, avoiding the efforts of the Roman military to irradicate them.

Meanwhile, a shortage of gold supply and a general ambition to extend the empire has caused tensions between the Getae of Dacia (with their gold mines) and the Roman elite. The queen of the Getae is herself present in Roma as part of an embassy.

Whilst the embassy may well fail, there are those who believe that an alliance between their people and the Getae might prove advantageous, and the king of the Goths has reputedly sent an envoy with a shipment of gifts to the Queen of the Getae at Roma. Unfortunately, this envoy is now overdue - having been overtaken by a letter from the king of the Goths to the Queen of the Getae asking if the shipment has been received.
You can join them in their roleplaying by joining the Theatrum Romanum group and by contacting Gwion Merlin and Jethel Raymaker in world.

To find out more about the group's roleplay conventions see this post on the ROMA messageboard.

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