Sunday, June 1, 2008

Introducing the Lupanar District!

A great new development has occurred in ROMA!

We conducted a survey regarding the Caligula's Pleasure Palace facility last month. The results were that most agreed 1) it was useful to have such a facility to help keep adult activity in the sim contained, 2) the current facility was too large and did not meet the current needs of the community.

The Emperor has decided to replace the Caligula's Pleasure Palace facility with a new build that is more useful. Introducing the new Lupanar District!

Our City Prefect, Torin, has built a small working-class neighborhood behind the gladiator arena. The ROMA Lupanar Brothel, marked by its distinctive wolf sign, sits at the end of a small plaza. The surface structure is a reconstruction of an ancient Roman brothel from Pompeii. Several signs explain the life of ancient Roman prostitutes. On the upper floor is a gallery space that will now house the "Ars Amatoria: Sex in Ancient Rome" exhibit (formerly in the Capitoline Museum).

If a Citizen touches the wolf sign, they will be transported to a subterranean hallway. Two private rooms can be found down there, each with free sex beds available for use. Every couple animation built into the beds has been given a coy Latin name. How many can you translate? ;) The animations contain heterosexual, boy-boy, and girl-girl menu choices. Please be sure to read the rules down there governing this space.

The Lupanar Brothel will now be the place where all adult activity must be kept in ROMA.

Apart from the Lupanar Brothel, the district also contains two other attractions. The Vulcan Smith shows how the Romans worked metal, and Citizens can try their hand at making a chainmail shirt and their own sword. The Cracked Potters Workshop allows Citizens to make their own pottery (formerly housed in the Baths of Caracalla portico). Other attractions will be added to the district in the future.

The demolition of the Caligula's Pleasure Palace facility will commence in the next few days. The Blue Grotto area will be retained, moved to the cavern under the Forum, and become a non-adult general attraction.

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