Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Roleplay in ROMA (v3)

Avete Citizens!

We are getting ready to roll out a completely revamped system of roleplay rules and opportunities in ROMA. These will include:

  • Weekly sponsored roleplay events in ROMA (starting January 09)

  • A Roleplay Council to help direct roleplay in the estate (starting December 08)

  • New guidelines for roleplay identities (effective immediately)

  • A brand new interactive social network (http://romaroleplay.ning.com)operating in conjunction with the Theatrum Romanum group.
To help explain all of the changes and collect together all pertinent ROMA roleplay info, Torin has created a special blog page which can be found here: http://romaroleplay.blogspot.com/

PLEASE NOTE: To make clear the distinction between roleplay and general social identities in ROMA, we have removed the 'ROMA Patrician' and all other roleplay-sounding titles from the ROMA Citizens group. Instead, the default title will be 'ROMA Citizen' ('ROMA Civis' is also available as an option for those who prefer Latin- ask Torin, Angelia, or MajorMatt to get access to that title). This will keep the ROMA Citizens group as a social and notification group, which is its intent.

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