Saturday, May 2, 2009

How the upcoming changes regarding "adult regions" will affect ROMA

1. First, be sure to read what Angelia wrote explaining why the changes are happening, and why LL is now attempting to censor sexual and extremely violent content on the grid. This notecard is available on the 'notices' tab of the ROMA Citizens group (soon to be found in world in the Plaza).

2. ROMA will remain 'Mature' and not go 'Adult'. This is for two reasons: A) remaining 'Mature' under the new LL system requires only a few minor changes to the overall way ROMA is run and B) we do not wish to exclude unverified accounts from ROMA, many of which are students and teachers affiliated with universities and colleges and museums who usually do not link those accounts with credit card info, etc to verify them. ROMA, however will remain a place where only players above 18 are welcome.

3. The rooms under the Lupanar will be closed. ROMA will no longer offer a place for avatars to engage in virtual sex. The 12 Tables will be changed to reflect that as a ‘mature’ zoned area, we can no longer offer such a space. (The rooms were rarely used so this is in our opinion no big loss).

4. Based on comments from Blondin Linden, male and female avatar nudity can occur in Mature regions. RL pictures of nudity can not. So the Hot Springs will continue to be clothing optional. (the LL policy regarding nudity is still being worked out, so this may change in the future).

5. Merchants selling items where sexual acts are depicted will no longer be able to list them for sale in uncensored form. Right now we will allow, for example, images of ancient erotica to be sold if the images in the vendor are censored to reflect the new LL policy. So put black bars on the advertised image, and sell the uncensored in a manner that it can not be seen until the customer rezzes it at home. Erotic, sexual themed and extremely violent objects can not be advertised in classified, profile picks, or external web pages as being sold in ROMA. We will change the merchant agreements to reflect this.

6. For Subura residents, our Subura rules already stipulate that sexual matters need to remain indoors where they are not visible to the general public. Everyone knows this already, and the Subura residents have been exemplary in adhering to this rule. This policy will remain in effect, with the added caveat that LL now forbids them from advertising public parties or events at their Subura plot if they have sexual themed objects such as erotic art, sex beds, BDSM equipment, etc in their private house. This includes skybox material that will be out of sight. It can’t be on the parcel period if you have a public event. You are still able to have such objects if they are private and kept out of the sight of passer-bys.

7. As for violence, our roleplay does not involve realistic or extreme violence, so I do not see more than some minor tweaks in this area. The Ludus fights and Legion displays are educational (and it would help make this point if the Legion, Legio, and Ludus groups used the words ‘educational’ and ‘recreation’ more in their events and notices. Let us ‘play up’ our educational components.). Legion and Ludus members should refrain from using any gadget or effect that is particularly bloody or gruesome. ROMA is not a combat-oriented roleplay land, and just enjoying a combat system in its place (already spelled out in the 12 Tables and regulated in the sims and by the groups) does not cross us over from ‘mature’ to ‘adult’.

8. Roleplay and roleplay events should also not incorporate overt sexual or violent themes. Our roleplay rules already forbid sexual slavery (of the Gor and BDSM variety) so that will continue to be in force.

Torin Golding
Owner & Prefect, ROMA Sims

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