Friday, June 12, 2009

ROMA Bellonalia & Vestalia Schedule

Saturday 13th June

9am - Bellona Ritual

Our festivals begin with a ritual for Bellona, the Roman Goddess of War - sister of Mars, and Spiritual Mother of ROMA's Amazons. Little is known of Bellona's rites in Ancient times, save that they were held in Her temple on the Campus Martius - but we have our own ritual to honour Her on ROMA's Campus Martius. After the rite, we will begin the martial contests, where contestants will strive for glory (and cash prizes)!
Location: ROMA Transtiberim (outside Ostia)

9:30am - Bellona Martial Contests

To further honour Bellona, we will be having some martial contests & games in Transtiberim. There will be javelin throwing, discus throwing, wrestling, archery, and climbing contests. The winner of each type of event will win $L500. Then all the winners will be allowed to race for the grand prize - to the top of the Tower of Doom! Do you have what it takes to win it all? Come test your skills and luck!
Location: ROMA Transtiberim (outside Ostia)

12pm - Legion XIII's Bellonalia Biathlon

Legion XIII will be holding a Bellona Biathlon for your viewing pleasure! This is a two part competition, which will begin with an archery contest in Fort Augusta. The top 3 winners will move on to the next event - horse racing. After a procession to the Circus Maximus, the winning athletes will compete in a 6 lap race. Once the grand champion is chosen, the audience will have the opportunity to challenge him/her in another race for a cash purse.
Location: ROMA Fort Augusta


Sunday 14th June

9:30am - Vestalia Ritual

The time has come again to honour Vesta, Goddess of Hearth and Home! Please join us in honouring Her with a ritual, that she might shed Her warmth and light on ROMA for another year! After the ritual, we will have a procession from the Vestal temple to the Subura - where some of the residents there have opened their homes for our pleasure!
Location: ROMA, Temple of Vesta

10am - Subura Domus Crawl

Ever heard of a pub crawl? Well we've come up with our own version - the Subura Domus Crawl! Join us in invading the homes of some of Subura's residents! Ever wondered what some of our citizens are hiding behind their tall walls? Now you can see for yourself! We will have 30 minutes in each participating domus to explore, dance, and raid some of the goodies they've set out for us! Each home will have a different musical theme as well, so that the ongoing party never gets stale. This event will last all day - so come early, or come late, but come join us!
Location: ROMA Subura, Julian Plaza

4pm - The Bellona & Vesta Grand Feast

Our Festivals culminate with the Bellona & Vesta Grand Feast - our wind-down party from the hectic Subura tour! Come dance with us around the bonfire to some relaxing tunes and pleasant conversation!
Location: ROMA, Gardens of Maecenas

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