Friday, November 19, 2010

November Festival- The Ludi Plebii

*** Saturday 20 November ***

12:00pm Jupiter Ritual and Dance
Join us for the consecration of our new temple to the Capitoline Triad in ROMA. Afterwards we will dance and socialize in the newly rebuilt Capitoline Museum, also in the Forum. This event begins the Ludi Plebi in ROMA.
Location: ROMA Forum, ROMA sim

1:00pm Basic Latin Lessons
Ever wanted to learn how to speak like a Roman? Zelda Walpole and Tonina Rodenberger will hold a beginner's Latin class in the newly rebuilt ROMA Basilica. Even advanced and intermediate Latinists are encouraged to attend what we hope will be a developing component of life in ROMA. This event is sponsored by the ROMA Scholastica Antiqua group.
Location: Capitoline Museum, ROMA sim

*** Sunday 21 November ***

12:00pm NOON Ludi Plebi Chariot Races
Come and race for the big L$2000 pot, or just watch in our viewing stands. The winner will be crowned Champion of the Ludi!
Location: Circus Maximus, ROMA sim

1:00 pm Battle Recreation- The Battle of Pharsalus
The ROMA SPQR LEGIO XIII GEMINA will recreate the deciding battle of the Civil war between Pompey and Caesar this Sunday in ROMA. Come watch the two forces clash on the Field of Mars in the ROMA Transtiber sim. Primus Pilus Brodbiz Bigration will give a short historical introduction to the battle before the event. Spectators can watch from the walls of the Ostia Settlement.
Location: The walls of Ostia, ROMA Transtiberim sim

3:30pm Jupiter Thanksgiving Feast
Dinner and dancing in the autumnal gardens of the Imperial Palace. Come let us know what you are thankful for. There will be a lucky drawing for $1000 for someone at the feast, which should give them a lot to be thankful for!
Location: Imperial Palace Gardens of Maecenas, ROMA sim

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