Wednesday, May 16, 2007

May Festivals Start Tomorrow! (Thursday)

ROMA will be celebrating the Festivals of Fortuna, Mercury, Lemuria, and the Bona Dea over the next three days. We're going to have a theater performance, chariot races, combat demonstrations, games, carnival, ceremonies, picnic, market, ghost stories, dancing, and a grand feast! Join us in celebrating the May Festivals in ROMA.

Here is the full schedule:
(Note that all times are in SL/Pacific time)

Festival of Fortuna (Thursday 17th May)

  • 9 AM - 'The Bacchae' Performance
    The Festival of Fortuna was often celebrated with dramatic performances. There will be a group viewing of the Bacchae in the Theatre of Dionysus in ROMA to open the festival. Come and have a seat then we will start the automated performance. It lasts about a half hour.

  • 12 PM (Noon) - Chariot Races
    Come take part in chariot races in the ROMA Circus. A sign-up board will allow you to throw your hat into the ring.

  • 3 PM - Combat Demonstration
    The Amazons of Legion XIII will be fighting for your amusement in the ROMA Arena.

  • 6 PM - Games in Fort Legio Augusta
    The ROMA Fort will be opened and turned into a carnival with many games. This will including a special competative contest with a prize.


    Festival of Mercurius
    (Friday 18th May)

  • 1 PM - Blessing of Trajan's Market and the Macellum
    This blessing of the Markets in Mercury's name will be performed by the ROMA Collegia of Priests & Priestesses. The ceremony will be led by Flaminia Sugar Zurah. This will be a roleplaying event and all are welcome.

  • 2 PM Subura Picnic & Open Market
    There will be an informal feast/picnic in Subura's public gardens (the one with the lake). All welcome! A Pan-ROMA Market Stall will also be set up in Julian Plaza (the first square over the sim border in the Subura).


    Festival of the Bona Dea & Lemuria (Saturday 19th May)

  • 4PM - Lemuria Ghost Stories
    The Lemuria placated the spirits of the dead. Bring your favorite spooky tale or poem to the ROMA Odeon to share with the group!

  • 6 PM - Grand Feast of the Bona Dea
    This will be held in Subura's public gardens, right outside the Collegia. Dancing!
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