Thursday, May 3, 2007

Snapshot Contest Winners!

The contest was judged by ROMA Officers of the Collegia and the Senate, and the Prefect. All entries were evaluated in an anonymous state. Each judge ranked their top 5 choices in each category. Each choice got from 1 to 5 points based on where they fell on each judge's ranking. Total points were tallied for each entry and the 3 entries with the highest scores were named the winners in each category. One judge entered one of the categories and they were ineligible for voting within that category.

Congratulations to the winners! Many thanks to the judges and everyone who took the time to enter! We have some talented (and photographic!) Citizens in ROMA!

First place winners got L$1000, second place L$500, third place L$250. Category 2 had a tie for first place, so each of them got their own L$1000.

Category 1 Winners (Portrait):

Fac ut vivas (Get a life)- Lef Leven

Alexandria Library Wall Fresco- FigBash Snook

Wireframe Abstract- Enamabala Towradgi

Category 2 Winners (Landmark):

Jupiter- WaterFall Semyorka / Basilica- Cristalle Karami (Tie)

Statue of Dionysus- Meliora Lilliehook

Flying Over rome- Veronica2vixen Devoix

Category 3 Winners (History and Culture):

At the Slavemarket - Rich Ladies Looking For A New Toy - Remus Lupino

Entry 3- Angelia Rees

IdesofMarch- WaterFall Semyorka

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here is the url under on my name for my pic! if you need any more help pleas get back at me on SL