Sunday, August 19, 2007

Vinalia, Vulcanalia, Nemoralia = Trifecta

Saturday ROMA hosted a triple play of Festivals.

First up was the Vinalia, dedicated to the wine harvest. Attendees helped stomp grapes for the upcoming vintage and then enjoyed a picnic in the Garden of Maecenas near the ROMA Vinyard. Flickr images here.

In the afternoon, Vulcan was honored with a special ritual before his altar near the volcano that is active at the western end of the Garden. Vulcan responded favorably to the ritual with a massive volcanic eruption. Then came the dancing on the edge of the volcano with some festival-goers lounging around special campfires. Flickr images here.

Finally that evening it was time for the Nemoralia Festival, in honor of Diana. Starting with a torchlight procession from the ROMA fountain plaza, the torch bearers were lead by the Collegia priestesses to the pond in the Gardens for a ritual followed by dancing. Senator Mickey James then ran a fun Roman Trivia Contest for the revellers. Flickr images here.

Another successful month of festivals in ROMA!

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