Sunday, August 26, 2007

Circus Maximus Redux

The ROMA Circus Maximus has gotten a much needed makeover!

The scripted gadget that makes the chariots race and counts the laps is now much more easier to use (and should be easier on sim resources). Everything now, including the rezzing of the chariots, is controlled via an integrated menu system.

New Features:
Horses! I've tweaked Nomasha Syaka's freebie sculptie horse to allow Citizens to race horses around the track, as well as chariots. In the future, other 'vehicles' may find their way onto the Hippodrome racetrack.

The ROMA Race Broadcaster! Given the expanse of the Circus Maximus, it's impossible for spectators to hear all of the developments 'spoken' by the racing gadget (who is racing, who is through the gate, who has won, etc). So pick up your free copy of the ROMA Race Broadcaster. It is a HUD gadget that will inform you of all the race developments as long as you are in the ROMA sim. So attach it, sit back on the grassy slopes of the Hippodrome, and realx at the races.

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