Sunday, October 11, 2009

Introducing [RAS]!

We are proud to announce the new ROMA Achievement System [RAS]!

Now you can earn titles, rewards, and prizes through your involvement in ROMA. Currently, 35 different Achievements can be earned, and many more will be added at regular intervals in Group, Estate, Event, and Attraction categories. Each Achievement you earn in ROMA comes with four things:

  • a special title
  • achievement points
  • a unique item
  • a colorful badge displayed on a weekly updated leader board

See where you rank and earn those Achievements today!

Learn more about the [RAS] here!

Check out the Achievements Leader Board here!

Questions? Check out our [RAS] FAQ page here!

Special Notice on the inaugural [RAS] listings: Initial positions on the leader board were made with the memories of the ROMA Management team. If something is wrong, see the FAQ page for how to submit a correction.

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