Wednesday, October 7, 2009

ROMA @ III Amateur Film Contest

Please help celebrate ROMA´s third anniversary by making your own tribute film. If you currently make your own videos or needed an excuse to learn how, the Emperor now calls you to pay homage to the glory of the Empire. Help create memories of this wonderful achievement and entertain the citizens as well.

For the contest, you will have several options:

1) Record you own movie in Second Life

2) Combine still images from Second Life

3) Take a source movie and edit it to make your film.

4) Some combination of the above

The finished movie must be no longer than 3 minutes. The theme must be ROMA-related and fall below or within the limits of an R (restricted) rated movie (See for descriptions of the various ratings). The final movie should be in youtube-ready format. *Your movie should be ready by November 1, 2009. The movies will be listed on the ROMA Citizens blog and included in a special screening event held in November.*

A possible source movie is The Invincible Gladiator from 1962. Here is a creative commons version that allows for remix: Please make sure that you have the rights to any footage you use. ROMA will not be responsible for your copyright infringement.

Please direct your interest, questions or comments to JT Vale or the ROMA Entertainers Group.

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