Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ludi Plebeii Festival Schedule

21st November :

The Feast of Jupiter - 10am

The beginning of the Ludi Plebeii is Jupiter's Feast in the ROMA Forum. Beginning with a procession from the ROMA Plaza outside the Tavern, the Citizens will meet the Capitoline Triad in the Forum, where a ritual to ask for Their blessings will be performed. Immediately after the ritual, the feast will begin - with food, wine, and dancing in the company of the Gods.

ROMA Agitatores Chariot Races - 12pm (Noon)
In honour of Jupiter, Best and Greatest, Divine Mother Juno, and Wise Minerva, there will be chariot racing in the Subura! We invite all to come join in this spectacle, to cheer on the racers of our new Agitatores group as they navigate a tricky figure-8 loop through the narrow streets - hopefully without taking out anyone's domus (or themselves) in the process!

Palaestra Plebeii- 2pm

Summer is gone, and Autumn is nearly spent, but that's no excuse for not keeping in shape! Come join us at MajorMatt's Palaestra in Subura, where we will have wrestling games, discus throwing, and other athletic entertainments for you to enjoy. There will also be refreshments and massage tables availible for after your extreme workout.

22nd November :
Ludi Lectica Race - 10am

A Lectica Race through Subura! For those unfamiliar with what a lectica is: it is a roman carrying litter. This race will require 3 man teams - so ask around now to find partners! The race will traverse the length of Transtiberim - including a bridge across the lake, so be careful! (Falling into the lake disqualifies you!) Can you make it across the sim to be the first one past the finish line? The prize is $L1500 for the lucky team who can. (That's $L500 for each team member!)

Legion XIII Archery Contest - 12pm (Noon)

Legion XIII is hosting our Ludi Plebeii Archery Contest - and there will be prizes for the best archers! Are you a secret Robin Hood? Can you hit an apple off an avatar's head at 50 paces? Can you not even hit the broad side of a barn? Whatever your skill level, you're welcome to join the competition - it promises to be fun for all!

Thanksgiving Turkey Hunt - 2pm
In honour of the American and Canadian custom of Thanksgiving - we will be having a turkey hunt - but there's a catch - these turkeys are *TINY*. Barely the size of a large chihuahua, they are agile, speedy, and extremely difficult to tag - but if you can tag the most turkeys in 1 hour, you'll earn yourself $L1000 to have your own thanksgiving feast! (Or maybe just to buy that fancy new outfit you've had your eye on.) How many turkeys can you tag? Join the hunt and find out!

Jupiter's Grand Feast - 4pm
The Ludi Plebeii concludes with Jupiter's Grand Feast - and the theme of this feast is Gods & Goddesses! So dress up as your favourite deity - of any pantheon - and enter our Grand Feast Costume Contest. There will be two categories - Best God and Best Goddess, and the winners will each recieve $L1000 (or more, if the crowd adds to the pot). They will also win a ROMA Party Animal token that is worth 1 point on the ROMA Achievement Board! (But even if you don't win the contest, you can try to impress the Imperium members to give you a Party Animal token.) A night of feasting, dancing, and prizes not to be missed!

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