Monday, December 14, 2009

The ROMA Subura History Exhibit- Coming Soon!

The Subura has been in existence since March of 2007. It not only represents ROMA's first expansion, but also houses a vibrant and colorful community. We would like to commemorate the sim and its residents with a special exhibit in the Baths of Caracalla gallery and an illustrated book (both in SL and RL) sponsored by the ROMA Scribae group.

We are asking both current and former residents, as well as ROMA Citizens-at-large, to donate snapshots and images of the Subura. This can be of your own domus, a build you found interesting inside the Subura, or the illustration of a past event or activity inside the Subura. Historical images are particularly welcome, as this exhibit will aim to reconstruct the history of the sim. So even if you are no longer a resident, but still have some images of your build, we would love to include them in the exhibit.

If you would like to contribute, please see below. Contributions are due **31 January**. The exhibit will go live in January and last until the third anniversary of the Subura in March 2010.

1. If the snapshot is already in-world: Give it a descriptive title, make sure it is full permissions, and drop it directly on Torin Golding. You can also attach it to a notecard where you tell us about the photo or image and drop both on Torin.

2. If the snapshot is not already in-world, you don’t need to spend the L$10 to upload it. Just send it as an email attachment to Be sure to give it a descriptive title, or tell us about the photo or image in the email.

If you would like to write a few words about your Subura plot (present or past) to possibly include in the exhibit and/or book, write everything on a notecard and drop it on Torin Golding in-world. We anticipate displaying test in both the exhibit and the books.

All submissions become property of ROMA so that we may publish them in the exhibit books. All snapshots and narratives will retain their original photo and author credits (ie. everything will still list you as the photographer and/or author).

Once we get all of the submissions, we will assemble the exhibit and book for a January launch. In-game, the book will be abridged (due to in-world page restrictions) and given away for free to everyone as a souvenir for the duration of the exhibit. The RL paperback book will be published by a print-on-demand press and available on the web to anyone who would like to buy a RL copy. All proceeds from the RL book sale will go to ROMA estate upkeep.

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