Thursday, July 25, 2013


2013 Ludi Apollinares & Neptunalia Festival Schedule

Sat. 27th

10am - Ludi Apollinares Ritual & Tavern Party
Our festivals this month begin with the celebration of Ludi Apollinares - honouring the God Apollo. Our ritual to honour Apollo will be immediately followed by a party in the tavern to celebrate the festival's beginning!

11am - Ludi Chariot Races
As Apollo races His sun chariot across across the sky, so our Agitatores will race their chariots in the Hippodrome! Come spend an exciting day at the races, and maybe even get to race yourself!

1pm - Neptune's Pool Party
Bring your swimsuits and swim HUDs, because Neptune is throwing a pool party! Dancing, swimming, a giant water slide, and lunch on the beach is the order of the day. Come and enjoy the cool waters of ROMA to beat the summer heat!


Sun. 28th

10am - Neptunalia Ritual & Fishing Contest
Our second day of festivals kicks off the Neptunalia, the festival in honour of the great God Neptune. We will be holding a ritual to honour Him and all are welcome to attend! The ritual will be followed by a 7seas Fishing Contest, with cash prizes for the 3 top fishers!

12pm - The Sun and Sea Grand Feast
Our final party event of the weekend, the Sun and Sea Grand Feast! Come join us for live music by Stephanniyah Sinatra, dancing, and camaraderie as we bid farewell to the Gods Apollo and Neptune and conclude another wonderful festival!

1pm - Neptunalia Water Harpastum
Come join us as our Legio faces off in a game of Harpastum (with a twist - this game will be played in the water) in honour of the Neptunalia! Harpastum, was the ancient Romans answer to soccer/football. All citizens are invited to participate in the game or watch from the sidelines!