Thursday, November 21, 2013


2013 ROMA Ludi Plebeii Festival Schedule

23rd November

The Feast of Jupiter - 10am
The beginning of the Ludi Plebeii is Jupiter's Feast in the ROMA Forum. Beginning with an audience with the Capitoline Triad outside Their temple on the Capitoline Hill, where a ritual to ask for Their blessings will be performed. Immediately after the ritual, a procession down to the Forum, where the feast will begin - with food, wine, and dancing in the company of the Gods.
ROMA Subura Chariot Races - 12pm (Noon)
In honour of Jupiter, Best and Greatest, Divine Mother Juno, and Wise Minerva, there will be chariot racing in the Subura! We invite all to come join in this spectacle, to cheer on the racers (or join in the racing themselves) as they navigate a tricky figure-8 loop through the narrow streets - hopefully without taking out anyone's domus (or themselves) in the process!

Thanksgiving Turkey Hunt - 1pm
In honour of the American and Canadian custom of Thanksgiving - we will be having a turkey hunt - but there's a catch - these turkeys are *TINY*. Barely the size of a large chihuahua, they are agile, speedy, and extremely difficult to tag - but if you can tag the most turkeys in 1 hour, you'll earn yourself $L1000 to have your own thanksgiving feast! (Or maybe just to buy that fancy new outfit you've had your eye on.) How many turkeys can you tag? Join the hunt and find out!

24th November

Autumn Hot Springs Brunch - 10am
To say farewell to the warmer days in ROMA, we will be having a social brunch in the ROMA Hot Springs! Steaming water, good food, and dancing round the pools - a wonderful way to relax, socialise, and enjoy the last of the good weather before the snows come to ROMA!

Jupiter's Grand Feast - 12pm
The theme of this feast is Modern Gods and Heroes! So dress up as whomever you worship or admire  (this can be celebrities, important world figures, or sports stars) and enter our Grand Feast Costume Contest. There will be two categories - Best God and Best Goddess, and the winners will each receive $L1000. There will also be dancing and live music by Taunter Goodnight. Don't miss it!

Ludu Plebeii Naumachia - 1pm
Watch and be entertained as the Legio XIII Classis Nautica engage and practice naval warfare with a naumachia! The ancient Romans since Emperor Nero would watch and be entertained by extravagant naval combat by filling up the basin of amphitheatres with water and letting loose ships of war onto the waters. Only, these ships weren't regular naval vessels - they were gladiators' ships and the marines were the gladiators themselves, almost certainly convicts sentenced to death! Thankfully, our Emperor Julian is a much kinder fellow to even our most depraved citizens... Instead, watch as our brave soldiers of the Legio XIII Classis Nautica take to the seas!

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