Thursday, March 22, 2007

ROMA Coverage

Since I blogged about of our own Morgana Fillion's great blog entry on the Ides of March festivals in ROMA, I have been tracking down other media offerings about ROMA. Here is a list. If anyone has any more, please let me (Torin) know. Thanks!

Ave, Ida!
Tourist report from Ida on the Baedeker blog.

Video Tour of ROMA
From Rik Riel's blog The Click Heard Round the World.

Real World Places in Second Life #13: Ancient Rome
Rik Riel's blog entry on ROMA.

SL Sightseer
Morgana Fillion and Mickey James' SL Blog with many entries on ROMA. Check out the archives.

Landmark of the Week: Roma SPQR
From the SL Explorer blog written by Misty.

ROMA Expands
ROMA goes from strength to strength
Two from my friend Caliandris Pendragon on SL Insider.

Fighting fit: Enamabala Towradgi
Interview with ROMA regular (and now Senator) Enamabala, also by Caliandris from the Insider.

Second Life & Machinima Movies
Article on Machinima where the author, Sara, has many nice things to say about ROMA.

Un sim per l’antica Roma
Article in Italian on the Second Life Italia Blog.

ROMA - Now It's Own Sim
Interveiw with Torin in Slate Magazine by Sphere Gasser.

Ancient Games
On the Ancient Games blog, Libitina links to Rik's piece, and comments on connections between ROMA and Caesar III (Intentional!!!) ;)

Learning at Virtual Roma
Blog of Jo Kay's visit to ROMA

Day 93: When in ROMA
Visit detailed in Natalia's Second Life Diary Blog.
BONUS: Natalia's guide of how to make Roman sandals!

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