Friday, March 9, 2007

Subura Pending!

UPDATED 12:07pm: It has been delivered!

The status of the Subura sim order turned from 'Processing' to 'Pending' sometime tonight! Dare we hope that it will be up this weekend???

Once it goes up, I will switch the 'access' to allow in only those in the Suburra Residents group while I am not in game. You won't be able to do much except run around and enjoy the big blank sim.

Once I can get in game, I will close the sim to everyone and begin terraforming and parcel division. This will probably take me a day or two to complete.

Once terraforming is complete and I have all of the rental cubes down, I'll send a notice to the Suburra group and tell you to come and pay for your first month (at least). Then you'll be able to start building your Roman house. Each parcel will be reserved only for those who have reserved a plot and paid the Startup Fee.

You'll then have 3 days before we open the sim to the public. Unreserved plots will then be first come first serve.

I'm excited!


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