Saturday, March 31, 2007

ROMA Senators Inducted

Early this morning, the new body of ROMA Senators were inducted. Priestesses of the Collegia performed a blessing then the Emperor himself received the new Senators in his Imperial Throne Room, a rare honor. There he bestowed upon them their special rings signifying their position. Afterwards, the first Senate meeting got underway in the Curia while stalwart legionnaires from Legion XIII stood guard at the door and made sure that the spectators in the chamber behaved with honor. After the introductory meeting, the Senators retired outside the Curia for a well-deserved round of "Senator Dancing". Snapshots from the event can be seen here on our Flickr page.

The ROMA Senate is the newest official subgroup of the ROMA Citizens group. The august body will be primarily concerned with debating current and ancient topics and roleplaying. The current officers are JT Vale (Princeps Senatus), Mickey James (Censor), and Nicolo Gaudio (Censor).


JT Vale said...

Thanks to all who helped to make the Induction Ceremony a successful. It was definitely a group effort.

Congratulations new Senators! Good job.

JT Vale

Nicolo Gaudio said...

You know, at first glance I thought the headline was "ROMA Senators Indicted". I guess we'll have to wait for that one...