Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Roman Reenactments in SL and RL

Last month there were Roman reenactments in both SL and RL involving ROMA Citizens.

In SL, Legion XIII and Legio members, including the Amazons, recreated a Roman fort in the Paris 1900 sim. It welcomed visitors who learned the structure of ancient roman forts and the kinds of activities that went on within them. Franck Gazov donated some pictures of the event to our Flickr site which can be found here. Citizen Melanippe of Themiscyra also has some images posted on her Flickr page as well.

Augusta Raurica was a roman settlement in Switzerland founded in the first century BCE. Today it houses a very nice archaeological park that annually holds a Roman reenactment fair (Römerfest). This summer, RL members of the Legion and Legio put on their best togas and armor and joined in. You can find some pictures of our very photogenic citizens here. (Permission given to post these RL images)

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