Thursday, September 6, 2007

New Group: ROMA Entertainers

Announcing a New ROMA Group!

Are you a musician, dancer, storyteller, or actor? Would you like to take part in regular ROMA events like live music performances, social events, story nights, and dramatic recitals? Then consider signing up to the new ROMA Entertainers group.

Creative people are wanted to help entertain ROMA citizens during special events. This group will also give you the opportunity to share your creativity with others. Your skills do not have to be limited to the ancient Roman world (for example, all kinds of musicians are welcome).

Are you a good organizer? We’re also looking for ‘Editors’ to help organize events in locales around ROMA and the Subura with members of the ROMA Entertainers group.

To sign up, join the group and drop a notecard on Torin telling him what role(s) you would like to have in the group: musician, dancer, storyteller or actor/actress. You can join as many roles as you like. More roles may be added in the future.

Once we get a pool of entertainers, we'll be inviting you to take part in ROMA events (and even organize some of your own).


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