Thursday, April 15, 2010

April Festivals Schedule

Saturday 17th April :

9am - Cerealia Ritual & Harvest Maze
The Cerealia is the Roman festival honouring the Goddess Ceres - she who holds sway over the fruitfulness of the Earth entire, and without whom Flora's efforts would be in vain. In keeping with this ancient tradition, we will be having a ritual in Ceres' honour, followed by a challenging Harvest Maze. The first, second, and third to find their way through the maze from the entrance to the exit will win prizes - but you must find and greet Ceres Herself before you can exit! Can you beat the Labyrinth in time? Come find out!
Location: ROMA Transtiberim sim:

11am - Fox and Bunny Hunt
Part of ancient Cerealia's celebration was to let loose wild foxes to run free through the Circus Maximus. ROMA has our own fox tradition, the Cerealia Fox Hunt! We've updated this ritual this year to include the Floralia - with foxes symbolising Ceres and Bunnies symbolising Flora. The Hunter who tags the most animals wins a $L1000 prize! (There is also a prize for the fox or rabbit tagged least!)
Location: ROMA Transtiberim sim:

1pm - Floralia Ritual & Spring Costume Contest
Come celebrate the Roman version of Easter with us! The Floralia is the festival of the Goddess Flora, patron of flowers and spring fertility. In Flora's honour, we will have a ritual, followed by our Floralia Costume Contest and Party. Dress in any springtime or floral related garb you choose, and dance in the springtime flowers with us - the contest winner will recieve a $L1000 prize!
Location: ROMA Transtiberim sim:


Sunday 18th April :

9am - Veneralia Ritual & Ask Cupid
Our festivals continue with a ritual for Venus Verticordia, "The Changer of Hearts" - to petition Venus for support and aid in one's lovelife. After the rite, you'll get a chance to ask all your love questions of Venus' son, Cupid - the God of Romantic Love. Our Winged Youth is flirtatious and coy, but He will guide you down the path to True Love (or at least an amusing side-trail)!
Location: ROMA Sim:

11am - Venus' Bath
Venus is holding court again in ROMA! Come sport with Her in the subterranean caves beneath our fair city! But bring your swimsuits and swim HUDs, because this is a pool party! Dancing, swimming, and lunch on the beach is the order of the day at our Grand Feast pre-party - and with Venus there, it promises to be a wild time!
Location: ROMA Sim:

1pm - Fortuna Oracle
The Veneralia is also the festival to honour Fortuna Virilis (who is somehow, but unclearly, connected with Venus). In general, the wealthier classes honoured Venus and the less so honoured Fortuna Virilis, but this was by no means a hard and fast rule. Today, ROMA praises Fortuna as well with a Oracle in Her honour. Do you want to know your fortune? Want to ask the Goddess a question about your life? Fortuna knows all, And Her priest will interpret Her answer to you! Do you dare to look into the future? (All oracles are given in fun, and ROMA is not responsible for their failure to manifest - or worse, if they do manifest!)
Location: ROMA Sim:

4pm - Festum Veris Grand Feast
Our Spring Festival culminate with the Festum Veris (Spring Festival) Grand Feast - come dance under the springtime stars with us! We will also have live music by MarcusAurelius Merlin - to get a sneak peek of Marcus' music, go to: and click the "Samples" link. We promise cool tunes, wild dancing, and all around good fun - so come let your hair down in true ROMA fashion!
Location: ROMA sim: