Saturday, April 3, 2010

Introducing the ROMA Subura Community Garden Project

Attention creative ROMAns with a green thumb. Announcing the opening of the ROMA Subura Community Garden Project.

Plot 29 in the Subura (right next to the park with the swan in it) has been divided into four quarter plots, ready for planting. ROMAns can rent a quarter for just $1 a week to build their own garden-themed installation. This can be any outdoor space or scene. The goal is to build something cool, exciting, and garden themed using the prims for only a quarter plot (60 total). Are you up to the challenge?

All installations will stay up only a week, and the best garden will be voted on by ROMA Citizens. The winner each week receives a special non cash prize and a unique [RAS] Achievement Badge worth 15 ponts! Not to mention the bragging rights.

Every Sunday, the quarter plots become available to rent for just $1. Builders can then get busy creating their masterpiece. If you wish to get on the wait list for a plot, contact Zelda Walpole and she will make sure you get one as soon as the next Sunday rolls around.

Citizens will be encouraged and reminded to check out the gardens and vote via a special voting board that has been set up. There will be new, dynamic builds every week!

Any current Subura renter or ROMA Citizen older than 3 months can rent a quarter plot and build a garden. The building rules are simple:

  • All 12 Tables and Subura covenant rules apply
  • No offensive builds and all must respect the non-Adult content rating for the Subura.
  • No actual buildings. The build should be an open air garden theme with at least some plants or trees, although some things like furniture are allowed
  • No deliberate blocking of paths or other people's builds
  • No temp-rezzers or laggy scripts,
  • No deliberately modern builds, although other ancient cultures besides Roman isallowed. Some flexibility for anachronism is allowed, but the build should be neutral or specifically ancient in design.

Rental boxes in the Community Garden are now open! Stop by today and claim your quarter, or if all are rented, see Zelda Walpole to get yours next Sunday.

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