Thursday, April 29, 2010

Binchester Update: Call for Exhibits

The construction and design of the Binchester build is underway. It is being designed by archaeologists involved in the excavations, but there is also a way ROMA Citizens can get involved in the design stage.

Throughout the two sims there will be several ‘stations’ dedicated to relevant aspects of Roman culture and the history of the archaeological site. Established ROMA Content Creators (active and well-known Citizens only please) can apply to create an exhibit in one of these stations. Exhibits will range from a few signs to an entire gallery. All creators will have their name and photo displayed at the station to advertise their work.

A creator will work with Torin to design an exhibit based on the following topics: (this list will be updated as projects are assigned to individuals)

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Topic (with necessary sub topics)Estimated sizeAssigned to
The Roman Conquest of Britain
  • Caesar
  • Claudius
  • Boudicca
  • Agricola
Material Culture of Roman Britain
  • Altars
  • Small Finds
  • Coins
  • Etc.
The Celtic World of Britain
  • Brigantes
  • Queen Cartamandua
  • Celtic Religion
  • Celtic Art
The Hadrianic Frontier
  • Hadrian's Wall
  • Forts
  • Stanegate
  • Vallum
  • Etc.
Roman & Celtic Death & Burial
  • Cemeteries & Tombs
  • Funerals
Small Exhibit
Industry in the Province
  • Mines
  • Pottery
  • Agriculture
  • Etc.
Binchester History
  • Troops
  • History
  • Excavations
  • Etc.
Daily Life in the FortGallery
Slavery in Roman WorldSmall Exhibit
Roman Siege WarfareSmall Exhibit or InstallationBrodbiz
The Roman LegionSmall ExhibitNina and Legion
The Vicus
  • Population
  • Purpose
  • Etc.
Romanization?Small Exhibit
The End of Roman BritainGallery

Size Definitions:
Gallery: 8-10 signs plus some possible extras
Small Exhibit: 2-5 signs
Installation: single item

Most Gallery spaces will be indoors.

To apply to work on an installation, contact Torin directly about the topic/s you are interested in. Then work up a proposal on a notecard with the following information:
  1. Summarize each sign in your proposed installation. What kind of info will it contain? Please note that there should not be too much text. People will not stand and read a great deal of text in SL.
  2. Will there be anything else besides signs in your installation? Please note that prims are limited!
  3. Is there anything interactive in your installation?
  4. Do a mock up of a sample sign texture and include it in the notecard.

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